5 Condiment Brands You Need To Know About.

February 19, 2022

We frequently get caught up in a dynamic obsession with what is good and what is terrible, and we are always on the lookout for recommendations, whether through the internet or word of mouth. We’re always on the hunt for a trustworthy brand or a healthier option. As a result, we at Book a Workshop are here to guarantee that we assist you in locating suitable 5 condiment brands by providing a list of suggestions. They also happen to be the top 5 nominees for Home Cheffies 2021!

With today’s topic being the top 5 condiment brands, let us explain in brief what condiments are. A condiment is a spice, sauce, or other preparation that is added to food after it has been cooked to add taste, improve flavour, or compliment the meal. Condiments are occasionally added before serving, such as in ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise sandwich.

Here are our top 5 Condiment Brand suggestions.

Old Fashioned Gourmet

Brand Owner: Vasundhara Jhunjhunwala

Instagram: @oldfashionedgourmet


About the Brand:

The Late Smt. Shyamlata Sihare launched the boutique food brand Old Fashioned Gourmet in 1995. Shyamlata Ji was a successful entrepreneur with an MA in Advertising from Michigan State University in the United States. She was born into a prominent family in Kanpur. She was a child widow who, despite being a paper seller in Delhi’s paper market, fought her fate to become a highly entrepreneurial entrepreneur. Despite being a paper seller in Delhi’s paper market, she built up a food company for more than four decades out of pure enthusiasm for food. She founded OFG to bring back ancestral pickle and spice recipes.

It was the dream of late Smt. Shyamlata Shiare’s that her legacy continues and so Vasundhar Jhunjunwala took it on herself to do so.

Old Fashion Gourment prides itself on using fresh and only the best of best ingredients in their preparations and believes in providing an enhanced memory into our childhood and to remember the home-cooked meals prepared by our grandmothers.

All of their products are made from age-old, time-tested recipes which are based on season and reason. Their seasonal specials are made using natural elements like sunlight to ferment and dry the products and only use age-old tools like sarota (cutter), imamjasta (mortar & pestle), the stone spice grinder to cut, grind and crush the spices and fruit.


Brand Owner: Virkein Dhar 

Instagram: @mysundooq


About the Brand:

Virkein Dhar founded Sundooq in January 2021. Sundooq arose from the pandemic need to pivot and re-imagine narrative in several ways.

In 2019, Virkein Dhar began to investigate food as a medium for sharing tales that aren’t typically told and created Table Radica, an immersive performance combining memories, music, and cuisine. Covid, on the other hand, had different ideas, bringing these encounters to a halt.

Sundooq is Virkein’s endeavour to create new methods to bring tales about food, locations, people, and cultures to urban Indian tables and homes. They make curry and chutney blends based on family recipes from Indian kitchens around the country. Their mixes are made and packed in pre-portioned quantities with no preservatives, making it easy to reproduce regional family favourites with ease and precision. They employ the freshest, traceable, sustainably sourced, and equitably produced ingredients.

Within the following six months, Virkein hopes to form a close link with over 1000 customers and produce these experiences and tales.

House of Anglo

Brand Owner: Karen Martin

Instagram: @Houseof_Anglo


About the Brand:

House of Anglo was founded by Karen Martin. It is a Bangalore-based home kitchen that specialises in Anglo Indian cuisine.

Anglo Indian food, according to Karen, is a cuisine that has lost its roots. As a result, she took it upon herself to guarantee that people had the opportunity to sample traditional Anglo Indian cuisine.

Her objective is to provide people with a one-of-a-kind dining experience in the comfort of their own homes, and she wants consumers to consume food from the British Raj era and have their taste senses go back in time.


Brand Owner: Priya R Singhal

Instagram: @wemixxco


About the Brand:

Priya R Singha established WeMixx in October 2021. Breakfast Blends, Spice Mixes, and Mid-meal Snacks are all part of the brand’s aim to develop the existing Indian Food Aisle offerings to include more Healthier, Zero Preservatives, Oil-Free, and 100% Plant-based alternatives.

Priya says the company is proud to provide “clean-label + low-calorie” mixes made with hand-picked ingredients from local fair-trade suppliers in the Ahmedabad, Gujarat area, assuring great, fresh flavours in every bite. These goods are clean and premixed, which eliminates the effort of acquiring and mixing each ingredient, making cooking easier, healthier, and more cost-effective.

The brand is now available for purchase on Amazon USA Marketplace and Razorpay in India and has recently expanded to ten retail locations in India and the Jersey City region.

Little Treats

Brand Owner: Dr Sunita Pradhan

Instagram: @littletreats_


About the Brand:

Dr. Sunita Pradhan launched Little Treats in January 2015. She is a dentist and the mother of two boys.

Dr. Sunita explains that her passion for cooking stems from her desire to ensure that her children ate a healthy diet. She says butter is the vehicle that gives meals its rich, creamy flavour. Compound butter is quite prevalent outside of India and is offered in restaurants. She saw that no one was manufacturing flavoured butters, so she began experimenting with Indian flavours such as thecha, kadipatta, red chilli, and moringa. This was her attempt to elevate the underappreciated Indian components.

The company makes savoury, sweet, fruit, and nut butters with locally sourced, seasonal, and readily available ingredients.

Little Treat has over 20 flavours to choose from and uses no artificial colours or preservatives.

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