5 things we can learn from the Olympics.

February 14, 2022

With a rich and glorious history of around 800 years, the Olympics games surely are a symbol of international friendship and brotherhood. 

The Olympics sports events are said to be the world’s largest presentation and combination of athletic skill and competitive spirit. Umpteen athletes and viewers, from all the corners of the globe, participate in this mega universal event. The five rings in the symbol of the Olympics connected together depict how the five continents are also related in all ways possible. The beauty of this event is the flame representing the perpetual continuity between the ancient and modern games.


For a lot of viewers and non-sports people, the Olympics might just be another sports event. But well, it is a lot bigger than that. The event involves more than 200 nations in it with the broadcasting happening worldwide. It is that huge!

The Olympics are very impactful not only on a personal level but also play a very important role in the national and international identities of people. Nations across take huge pride in athletes who represent, qualify or win at the Olympics. It marks a sense of pride and raises a lot of cultural awareness amongst everyone who is involved in it. Well, without a shadow of a doubt, the Olympics leave a huge mark on the pride of national identities, which lasts for the longest time.  

While this event might be perceived differently by each person, one thing is for sure. There is an abundance of learning from it. One can take away a lot of varied and insightful learning experiences from it. 

So here’s a list of 5 things we can learn from the Olympics.

What really matters is the country and its pride!

Most of these Olympians are not extremely rich, or if better explained, millionaires or billionaires. They don’t appear in those high-end sports-related commercials, All they really determine all their efforts for is representing the country on this international platform and leave a mark by winning. In this process, they have the honor and responsibility of something bigger and way more important than fame. These people have been constant reminders to everyone as to how competing for something bigger than anything that gives us personal benefits is what defines true passion and exuberance. 

Never give up!

These athletes give everything and anything they can to the sports they compete in. Training all day, for days and hours, in and out for most of their lives. They don’t give up or keep switching sports according to interests or any other factor for that fact. The key here is consistency. They are consistent and committed towards their sport, only focusing on getting better each day. 

Another important takeaway here is, setbacks should only make your comeback stronger! Even after losing a match or not performing well, there isn’t an option for giving up. All these losses only make them train harder and improve for the next performance. 


Being a champion is to take both, victory as well as defeat. 

A major part of being an athlete is to demonstrate sportsmanship at all times. While the rest of the world celebrates the successes and the happiness around the medalists, we must all remember that not all Olympians are medalists. Well, coming to the Olympics and representing a nation is a huge victory in itself. In this case what really matters is chasing the dream, even if you trip. The motto is to simply keep going. Well, not everyone can always win, right? 

Another major learning from instances like these is taking away the experience. Even if you don’t go home with a trophy, you go home with an experience teaching you 100 other things, and that is an opportunity for everyone to perform better in the future. 

Every second counts!

As common as it sounds. “Every second counts” is a phrase used by everyone around the world but it is exemplified just right at the Olympics. The difference between the first place and the second place is literally and very often minuscule, sometimes so minute that it is imperceivable to the naked eye. This pretty much explains how a fraction of a second can change your whole life. The Olympics are a perfect representation of how important time is and how much each second should be valued. 

Adversity is the best motivator!

Adversity is the best teacher and motivator. Only after you fall do you realize the power and beauty of rising again. Adversity teaches you how important it is to train harder and give your best in order to win and succeed. Well, because that’s the only way of not falling into an adverse situation. 

However, even after you do, believe in yourself, work harder and come back stronger. 

The event of the Olympics is an excellent way of bringing all the nations together and promoting unity. It is highly beneficial for anyone involved in the sports space, as an acknowledgment of their hard work and ability. The sense of national pride that goes home with these sportsmen is immeasurable. Accolades and awards are received and taken home by athletes and well, that is such an honorable and beautiful thing for all the nations. The Olympics is not only an event that promotes unity and brotherhood but also stands for a lot of other learnings.

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