We believe micro learning is the future.

About us

Book A Workshop is India’s fastest growing micro-learning edutainment platform. We host LIVE online workshops and learning experiences led by celebrities and experts that give learners a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry professionals who are successful in their respective fields.

We are an age-friendly platform majorly targeting audiences between the ages of 18-37 years of age. A majority of our audience resides in metros and tier-2 cities across India and major cities across the world like Singapore, Dubai, Toronto, New Jersey, et al.

We strive to create opportunities for the 21st-century learner to explore their interests and dive deeper with the help of one-on-one interactions with experts and industry professionals. We focus on providing current and up to date information on trending topics to strengthen the future of this planet.

Global Community


Learners from 175 cities across 42 countries


Experts having delivered 400+ workshops

What We Do

We provide diversified unique learning experiences –

  1. Live Workshops: LIVE Sessions led by celebrities and industry experts
  2. Workshop On-Demand: Recorded Workshops taught by celebrities and industry experts
  3. Workshop In A Box: A unique learning experience where a box containing all the material for the workshop along with a guided video is delivered to your doorstep

At Book A Workshop, we make sure all our workshops are well-planned and engaging while being as interactive as possible. Our live workshops offer instant feedback and Q&A sessions at the end to clarify any doubts our learners have. We also offer the ability to have a one-on-one consultation with our experts and get a review of their ideas.

We provide learners with a chance to explore their new-found interests and old passions and allow them to gain clarity and knowledge from diverse fields to become well-rounded individuals and build their careers in the industries they love.

Our Mission And Our Vision

Learning is as fun as you can make it. Our research shows that 21st-century learners learn best through engaging, bite-sized content, delivered by a credible source or people that they know and look up to (experts). Book A Workshop provides exactly that! We engage learners on various levels through our curated content, interaction sessions, quizzes, one-on-ones, post-workshop community access, and more!

Our mission is to enable people to explore their hidden passions and discover avenues to monetize them. We also aim to provide relevant, up to date information from various fields and educate people about the new “upgrades” in the industries.

We are constantly expanding our user base along with our expert base. We have been able to reach over 7500 learners in more than 30 countries across 150 cities in a short span of time. We plan on reaching over 1,00,000 unique learners before the end of 2021.

Our greater vision for the platform is to get people hooked on the concept of continuous learning and upskilling. Keeping that vision in mind, we are expanding our global operations and creating more unique avenues to create a community for our learners.

In three years, we want to extend our online presence to various offline locations and create learning centers across the globe that allow our global community to connect and facilitate everyday learning through our global experts.

Our Team

Our team is young at heart! We believe that the people who are young at heart are always excited to explore, learn new things, and adapt. We are all about creating opportunities so that you can learn what you want from a person you idolize.

Our team is full of collaborative individuals who are driven to achieve their targets. Our team members are entrepreneurs in their own right and are responsible for end to end execution.

For us, our culture matters a lot. We create learning opportunities. If we can’t be learners, we will never be able to instill the same enthusiasm or excitement into people coming to our platform. Our team comprises life-long learners who spend on average a minimum of 60 minutes a day learning something new.