Best Gift For Newly Married Couples.

February 2, 2022

Have you ever wondered about the life cycle of a gift? A wedding gift travels through many vendors, and no, we are not talking about that. But, for generalized gifts, the journey is actually longer. As per the studies, almost every generalized gift gets (In India, of course) wrapped in at least 2 different wrappers and is handed over on 4 separate occasions at the least. It’s always tough to pick the best gift for newly married couples.

If you’re a close friend, you definitely know what they want. But to decide whether it counts for an ultimate wedding gift choice is the main dilemma. While some gifts for couples can actually be bought at one click, the others can make you run errands.

Let’s bifurcate the gifts into sections so that you know where you want to belong. Trust us. You should still try the other sections and maybe give the best wedding gift to newly married couples!

Alcohol Acquirement

Who doesn’t love to get a little tipsy after they’ve shed off all the wedding responsibilities? But, with a twist. We know where your imagination is leading you. No, it’s not a bottle of champagne or a bottle of wine. Come back.

1. DIY Gin Infusion Kit

If the couple is a gin lover, this is hands down, for them. Imagine handing over a DIY Gin Infusion Kit that lets the couple make their own infused gins and flaunt their creations. How cool! A night, somewhere in the corner of the world, toasting to the best memories made, and well, a ring on the hand too.

The box is a fun experience and comes with a fine-mesh strainer, two fancy tilt glasses (for the gram, of course), a glass decanter, and the most important part of the box, the botanicals. A pre-recorded video leaves the couple in their comfort zone, all cozy in the bed, making their own gin and taking a sip as they sink into the feeling of love.


2. Whiskey Box

Yes, for the ones who are a no-no for the gin, here’s whiskey for you! Leave the couple amazed with no gift at the wedding, and make us knock on their door with a box of 7  global whiskey samplers. Let our expert, Gagan Sharma, take them on a virtual journey into the world of whiskeys, where the couple will explore distinct tastes, aromas, stories, etiquettes, and more through a live session. For the couple who enjoy company, there’s nothing better to give. They will be joining whiskey lovers from all over the globe, sharing their experiences and good times.

Creative Corner

Some gifts cannot be commercialized. The memories from them take you back in time. And we bet, what we will share, will not just be gifts for couples, but a memory to hold close to their heart for a lifetime. So it become important to give the best gift to newly married couples!

1. A Book With Memorable Date Ideas

If you are one of the best friends of the couple or even one of the pair, then you must know their special days. A diary with polaroid pictures popping and the special dates will really make shed a happy tear. Mark some of their best memories- their first date, their first trip together, their first pet together, their first kiss, and everything that you can go around. Brownie points for getting a little naughty because what are friends for! Add some pages of fun and lovey-dovey times!

2. A Customized Serving Tray

Trays are the new cups! Hot morning coffees brought to you over in a tray that reminds you of a close one or a close thing. Want to see the couple grin from ear to ear every morning? Here are some ideas for customized trays:

A. Travel Freaks: Nothing excites travel freaks more than a world map

B. A picture of the couple: A happy memory printed over the tray

C. Initials: To customize this a little more, if the couple is coffee lovers, use the coffee beans to make their initials.

Best Gift To Give To Newly Married Couples

Learner Landings

The word is no more boring, so if you’re planning to skip this section, hold on. Take a chance, scroll through. We are sure this will interest you and you might be able to pick the best gift for newly married couples.

1. Workshop In A Box

From art & craft workshops like resin art, knife painting, resin pouring oil painting, to a gardening workshop where you learn how wheatgrass and microgreens grow, and from making it yourself sushi boxes, french press kits, and gourmet coffee kits. Learning is much more exciting now, more than ever. Book A Workshop is your one-stop solution.

2. Live Learning

If the couple loves interaction and always chooses to be taught by the professionals,  you would love to explore the option on Book A Workshops websites. Get endless options for LIVE Workshops and even, Workshops on demand. What better than to celebrate the couple with a private on the ground/virtual eventful learning & fun experience.

Necessity Nest

If the couple is starting a new life, new challenges are definitely ready for them. So if you can extend a helping hand with these meaningful gifts, there could be nothing better!

1. Appliances

Fill up their home with necessities like a water heater, chimney, television, coffee maker, stove, and more to make their new phase easier. New couples often take time to settle into the lifestyles of each other, and these appliances could help them ease out their daily tasks and be on the go!

2. Dinnerware

New couples attract new guests. An eye-pleasing dinner set makes the look and feel of a dine-in complete. Help them by adding this one to your cart and their homes.

Best Gift To Give To Newly Married Couples

3. Book Shelf

Are you friends, or one of the sweet couple a bookworm? How about giving them the perfect shelf to store all their books within their view?

4. Work Desk

The pandemic has made us all spend some extra time at home, leading our work hours to be labeled as work from home. A perfect and comfortable work desk can make their working experience better. You must be wondering. This becomes suitable for one of them. What about the other? Many work desks, these days, convert into multipurpose desks. Voila, you’ve hit the jackpot here. Doesn’t this sound just like the perfect one?

Best Gift To Give To Newly Married Couples

5. Travel Bag Set

To the airport and beyond! Ha-ha! A travel bag set or 2 or 3, each of different sizes, can be a wishlist special. Travel bags as a gift for couples can never go wrong

Quirk Quotient

If you and your ‘just married’ friend/relative have always been pulling each other’s leg, this section might interest you.

1. Matching Robes

How cute are these! They would definitely like to flaunt these on the gram and obviously hashtag it with #couplegoals.

2. His and Her Side Bedding

Some fun and quirk in the marriage are definitely what we, at least, are up for. If you have Pinterest on your phone, you definitely know of this. Give this gift a try because no one- absolutely no one will give this except for you. And if you’re reading this right now, we want to tell you that you are super cool and one heck of a friend. Period. God bless us with some friends like you before we get hitched. Phew.

3. Custom Cartoon Illustrations

Who does not love these enormous faces attached to little dreamy cartoon-like illustrations? Search through Instagram or even Google it to get these made for as less as Rs.1000. Add the wedding date, and wooh, it’s already up on the wall, destined to be there for a lifetime.

Well, if you fell in love with these crazy gifts for a couple, We come with interesting things every week. You should head straight to our website and subscribe to our newsletter. Our amazing team will assist you with awesome ideas, workshops, and more.


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