Flavourful World of Baskin Robbins

By Janvi Punjabi

Hello reader, let’s get going and discuss a really cool brand story today.

The brand story of a huge multinational company, Baskin Robbins!

When you look around,with a surely interesting number of foods around us today, it is not surprising to see the way people crave a good dessert after any kind of meal. Desserts can be found in a diverse range of restaurants around the world. Sweet cravings and desserts have existed since the beginning of humanity as the ancient civilization enjoyed themselves by eating fruits and nuts that were rolled using honey. The confection derived its name from the French word “desservir”, which means “to clear the table”

Well, imagine some of the best desserts on Earth. Then go ahead and ask other people about their favorites. We bet you dollars to doughnuts, their answer will be different from yours.

From those childhood treats to the favorite recipes of our grandparents, beloved desserts are generally personal. This seems especially true in the case of desserts, which often take pride of place at celebrations and traditional holidays.For all the nostalgia of those sugary treats, though, some sweets rise above local flavors.

In a very similar fashion, dessert brands also hold a really important place in the hearts of people. There exist more than 100 dessert brands around the world, but a very few are able to top the list and win hearts. Baskin Robbins is surely one of them. Very widely known for their super delicious ice-creams!

 Is there anything better than a nice, creamy, cold ice cream treat on a hot day? Or a cold day? Or any day ever? Ice cream is the answer to all of them, which is why we’re so grateful that Baskin-Robbins exists. 

Whether or not you’ve tried all of its famous 31 flavors (spoiler alert: there are actually way more flavors than that!) or whether you have a one and only favorite that keeps bringing you back to the store, it’s pretty much an undisputed fact that Baskin-Robbins rocks harder than any other brand. 

Even if you have been eating at this ice cream franchise on the regular since you were a kid, there is probably a lot you don’t know about it. From what really goes into the ice cream they serve, to the two ice cream fanatics who started the multi-million dollar enterprise, there is a lot more to learn about Baskin-Robbins. We took a deep dive into the history and the mystery behind one of the best-known ice cream shops in the world to give you the real scoop.

The Origin

Baskin and Robbins were brothers-in-law

Starting a business venture together,Burton “Burt” Baskin and Irvine “Irv” Robbins had one passion in common that united them forever: ice cream.

Robbins was the son of a dairyman and came of age in his family’s ice cream store, scooping up ice cream and happiness to customers all over Tacoma, Washington. He joined the army during World War II, and when he got out in 1945, his passion for ice cream led him to find the Snowbird Ice Cream store in Glendale, California.

Baskin, who was married to Shirley, Robbins’ sister, had the same idea. He founded Burton’s Ice Cream in Pasadena, California a year later and by 1948, the duo had combined their stores to create one chain that would one day be the most famous ice cream chain in the nation. They flipped a coin to see whose name would come first on the sign, and the rest is Baskin-Robbins history. 

The Flavours

There are more than 31 flavors at Baskin-Robbins

When you think “Baskin-Robbins,” you automatically think “31 flavors.” It is the company’s gimmick, and was meant to imply that they had so many different flavors that you could try a new one every day of the month.

Irvine Robbins loved inventing ice cream flavors that were fun (like ChaChaCha, otherwise known as cherry chocolate chip), goofy (like Plum Nuts), and had connections to current events,so it is no surprise that in actuality, there are a lot more than 31 flavors to be sampled at this beloved ice cream store.

In fact, more than 1,300 flavors have been introduced to the world via the Baskin-Robbins empire. They aren’t all available all the time, but this huge variety of tastes ensures that there is something out there for everyone. 

The Conclusion

It is thanks to the brilliant minds of Baskin and Robbins that we have more than just vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream to put in our bowls and cones, and our sweet tooths are eternally grateful!

Today, Baskin-Robbins is nearly ubiquitous, with ice cream shops found everywhere from Canada to Colombia, the United Kingdom to Korea.

For 75 years, Baskin-Robbins has been a special part of people’s lives. From praising a good report card, to winning a championship game or ending a first date on a sweet note, the brand has been there to scoop these memorable moments for guests around the world.

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