Home Chefs, Don’t Make This Mistake!

by Yash A Khatri

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has made it mandatory for any food-related business, whether you’re a home chef or otherwise, to register with them. Read on to understand what you need to do to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations.

The pandemic has given rise to a myriad of home chefs and home-baking businesses. We’re sure that you may have thought of starting your own home-based food business at some point during the pandemic. Did you know? Every home-based food business has to register with the FSSAI before starting the business. Suppose you fail to comply with the norms. In that case, you may be fined up to rupees 5 lakh or be imprisoned for life, depending on the severity of the violation. 

Most home chefs don’t register themselves, which is one of the gravest mistakes they can make before starting their business. Take a look at some details about the process.

General Rules And Process Of Registration With FSSAI

If you are a home chef with an annual turnover of less than 12 lakh rupees per annum, you have to register with the FSSAI.

If you are a home chef with an annual turnover greater than 12 lakh rupees per annum, you have to apply for an FSSAI license.

Types Of Registration And Licences

1. Basic Registration

  • Registration is mandatory.
  • License not mandatory
  • Annual turnover can’t exceed more than 12 lakh.
  • You can register your business for a period of 1 year to 5 years.
  • Renewal needs to be done 30 days before expiry.
  • A late fee of Rs. 100 applicable per day if not renewed on time
  • Home chefs are liable for a maximum penalty of up to Rs 2 lakh.
  • The cost of application and registration starts at 100 rupees per year.

2. State FSSAI License

  • License is mandatory
  • The license is valid only in the state where the license is applied.
  • Annual turnover of more than 12 lakh but less than 2 crore rupees
  • Unlicensed businesses are liable for a maximum penalty of up to Rs 5 lakh and imprisonment as well.
  • The cost of registration is about 4500 PA

3. Central FSSAI License

  • Central FSSAI license is mandatory
  • Annual turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crore
  • The cost of registration is about 7500 PA.

Process Of Registration

  1. Visit foscos.fssai.gov.in
  2. Click on Signup
  3. Register your account
  4. Upload all the documents
  5. Pay the fees
  6. Once the documents are verified, registration documents will reach you within 10 days.

Is FSSAI License Mandatory For Home Chefs And Home-operated Food Selling Business Owners?


If your turnover is less than 12 lakh per annum, then getting a license isn’t mandatory. Registering your business with FSSAI is required for all food-related enterprises.

Registration can be done by visiting foscos.fssai.gov.in

What Happens If I Don’t Register With FSSAI Or Attain A Food License

If you don’t register your business or get the license, you will not be able to list your business and sell via online platforms like Swiggy or Zomato. Your business may also face a ban from the FSSAI if you don’t register. You may also face a fine of up to 5 lakh rupees or life imprisonment.

Other Important Things To Keep In Mind

  • Keep your kitchen and the premises clean at all times.
  • Ensure adequate lighting and ventilation is present in the environment.
  • Regularly disinfect your tools and environment.
  • Potable water must be available all the time.
  • The tools used in the kitchen must be free from any dirt and bacteria.
  • Personal hygiene of the cooks is of utmost importance. Gloves, head wears, and clean aprons should be used at all times.

Make sure you aren’t making this one grave mistake. Happy Cooking!

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What are the documents required to register with FSSAI

Passport-sized photograph of the candidate
ID Proofs
PAN Card
Address Proof
Copy of Property papers (if owned)
Copy of Rent Agreement along with the NOC.

How long it takes to get FSSAI registration document?

On average it takes 7 to 10 days to get the registration document.

How to check the status of FSSAI registration?

The status can be check by visiting foscos.fssai.gov.in

Yash A Khatri

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Nidhi Agarwal
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This is very informative, thank you.