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by Yash A Khatri

With more than 772 million users spread over 200 countries, LinkedIn has become one of the most recognized professional networking platforms. LinkedIn offers the ability for anyone to get in touch with their favourite companies and people with just a single click. You can not only connect with like-minded people but also explore exciting career opportunities and learn new things. You might be wondering, with so much opportunity on LinkedIn, how can I build a hireable LinkedIn profile? This blog is your answer!

If you ever wondered, what exactly do you need to make a hirable LinkedIn profile? This article will teach you the best tips to design hireable LinkedIn profiles.

Choose The Right Photo For Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is not Facebook, where you can post a selfie with a pout. Your LinkedIn profile picture is the first way to impress your audience. As they say, the first impression is the last impression. So, use a professional yet playful photo as your display image! Choose a recent photograph in formal clothes with a close-up shot of your face. Don’t forget to smile to show some personality. Don’t forget to add a memorable, attention-grabbing background photo that shares your story with your audience.

Make Your Headline More Than Just A Headline

One of the best tips for any LinkedIn user is to have an out-of-the-box and memorable headline. Don’t just write what you do; share your story. Share what value you bring to your audience through your headline and make sure it’s concise.

An example of a good headline for a writer could be – A content writer who drives traffic to your blogs via creating evergreen content. Write more than just a headline. Define your story.

Your Summary Is Your Story

LinkedIn profile summary provides you the golden opportunity to share your story with your audience. Many people leave this place blank, which is a big mistake. The summary is a wonderful way of telling what your skills are, why they matter, and most importantly, what impact they have in the life of those you work with. Take your time to craft the perfect LinkedIn summary. Write a few different drafts, rewrite it, share it, and then post it. After all, it’s your story. Make it worth sharing!

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

One of the best ways to start building your network is by syncing your email contacts with LinkedIn. It helps you connect with people on Linkedin whom you already know. You must grow your network by interacting with people by posting, engaging with groups, or through the comments section. Don’t blindly send connection requests to anyone you see; It helps if you have something in common before hitting that connect button. So, go slow but remain persistent.

Showcase Your Core Skills On Your LinkedIn Profile

Scroll through the list of skills and choose the most relevant ones to list as your core skills. It is recommended that you don’t select skills that are secondary in nature. Setting the best skills helps support your headline and summary and let others know what you do. Don’t forget to ask your colleagues and connections to endorse your chosen skills.

Showcase Your Expertise By Taking Skills Assessments

LinkedIn offers free skills assessment tests that provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and earn a verified skill badge on your profile. Displaying verified skills badges increases not only your credibility but also the chances of getting hired. Don’t worry about failing the test. You can retake it multiple times.

Build Your Brand Ask For Endorsement and Recommendations For Your LinkedIn Profile

Endorsements on LinkedIn are a huge win. They are like a stamp of approval for your skills. Reach out to people you know and ask for an endorsement. Another handy way to get endorsement is to Identify relevant connections and endorse them. Many people return the favor by doing the same for you.

Recommendations are personal testimonials written by your connections illustrating their experience of working with you. They not only build your personal brand but also position you as a trustworthy and reliable individual.

Share Relevant Content And Don’t Forget To Comment

Sharing niche specific and relevant content with your network is one of the quickest ways to establish yourself as an industry authority. Share content about your industry, new trends, personal experiences, and other meaningful content. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different content formats. You can post videos, graphics, data charts, infographics, and so much more. Don’t forget to add a touch of storytelling to write in an engaging way.

LinkedIn isn’t Facebook but offers similar features such as comments and engagement. To feed the algorithm, you should regularly comment, perhaps a few times every day. Whenever you find a post you like and find interesting, leave a comment appreciating it or share value. Sharing your perspective and experiences using comments is also an excellent way to draw attention to your profile. Pro tip –  Always proofread your comments for any grammatical mistakes before posting.

Be Consistent

Many people create their accounts on LinkedIn but don’t use them to their full potential. Don’t make this mistake, especially if you are on the lookout for a job. Be regular, comment, share, act, and create. Post about thrice in a week, if not daily. Share interesting content, long-form content, your knowledge, and everything in between. Remaining regular on Linkedin boosts your chances of getting hired and builds a great first impression.

Share Your Learning Credentials On Your Linked Profile

LinkedIn offers you hundreds of courses in varied fields. On the other hand, Book A Workshop provides a bouquet of Live Workshops to choose from. Choose any workshop or courses, complete them, and share it with the world. Adding a course or certificate on your LinkedIn profile helps you get in the good books of hiring managers, founders, and potential clients. Apart from LinkedIn courses, you can add certificates from other online workshops and courses, such as Coursera, EdX, Futurelearn, Skillshare, or Udemy. Being a lifelong learner always proves to be highly rewarding.

LinkedIn is one of the best social networking sites globally. Becoming active on the platform opens up new avenues to gain opportunities and knowledge while helping you grow your network. Create an awesome hirable LinkedIn profile using these tips and grab your dream job or work with your dream client.

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Yash A Khatri

Yash A Khatri

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