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Arts and crafts of a village, city, country make up for the ‘rooh’ (soul) of the cultural heritage of the place. They give a chance for people to connect with one another and to a greater sense of self and awareness of the environment around them. They teach people to experience the world for what it is and much more than that. It makes people ‘feel’ the world around them and understand that there is a higher sense of existence. 

Every region has unique art forms that communicate generations worth of stories about that community, its culture, its history, its reasons. These need to be preserved simply so that humanity can be preserved. The communities that are still creating and keeping these lost art forms alive, need to be preserved. We strongly believe that only funding the communities is not going to help. 

We are creating an ecosystem that organically funds them and spreads the knowledge and joy of creating the art form among many. Book A Workshop now has a platform for these lost arts and crafts of India and their artists! 

We will be creating the ecosystem in the following way: 

  • Workshop In A Box: This will be a kit lead workshop experience where a box with all the material needed will be delivered to your doorstep and a recording of a step-by-step tutorial of the artist from the village will be provided. All the proceeds from the box will go to supporting the artist and their community. 
  • Product Sale: The artwork that they make will be listed with us and can be bought and shipped online. All the proceeds will be given to the artist who makes the artwork. This will help them go online and reach a much wider audience. 

As the famous saying goes,” Give a man a fish, you can feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

This ecosystem will not only help spread the art form and but also help them earn their livelihood, with their art and integrity intact. 

Learn how to create Warli on various surfaces from the last remaining Warli artist from Thanpada, Maharashtra. You can start creating beautiful Warli designs and stories of your own on any surface once you have learned the basics with Nitin Gavit.

Book A Workshop

Book A Workshop

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