The Sweetness to your Heart

By David Barnes

I scream you scream we all scream for…….Ice Cream!!!!

Dessert, the one common moment that would bring a smile not only to children but also to adults. Honestly, dessert is the one course that everyone looks forward to. It not only to end an amazing meal but desserts are known to enlighten the mind, the heart and the soul.

There is a huge variety of desserts that the world has to offer, from the desi Gulab Jammun to the All American Mississippi Mudpie and would you be surprised if I told you that you can have them in the comforts of your home too?

This week’s blog is all about that deliciously sweet, cold, chocolaty, tart and mouth-watering desserts.

Here are our Top 5 Home Chef suggestions for International Desserts Brands to know about:

P.s: they are also the top 5 finalist under the Best International Dessert Brand for the Home Cheffies Power Brand Awards 2021.

Whimsical Baker

Brand Owner: Abhishek Thukral
Instagram Handle: @mrwhimsicalbaker
Website: www.mrwhimsicalbaker.com

About the Brand:
Whimsical Baker, run by Abhishek Thukral, began its journey due to the lockdown in May 2020. They believed that in times when the world came to a standstill and people confined in their homes, their brand helped to give people a chance to experience flavours of the world in their very own houses.
Abhishek is an avid traveller, his love for food and travel are all depicted in his creations. Their cakes are sophisticated in taste, never overly sweet and ideal for every palate. Hence, they also have a range of cakes that are customised as per dietary restrictions.
The response to his baking has been encouraging and helps motivate him to introduce people to more flavours from around the world and also diversify into other traditional desserts from various countries.

Pooja’s Bake By Heart

Brand Owner: Dr. Pooja Sawant Mohandas
Instagram Handle: @poojas.bakebyheart

About the Brand
Pooja’s Bake By Heart began its journey in January 2012 by Dr. Pooja Sawant Mohandas. Dr. Pooja is an MD Homoeopathic doctor but being a creative person she took up baking as a therapy just to utilise the break time of her clinic. Eventually, over time people started recognizing her work through social media and so she decided to learn the art of baking more seriously so that she could cater to the needs of her passion but also turning it into another profession.
Dr. Pooja feels that in India hobbies are always underestimated and so academics are given more importance than art. Being a doctor while also being able to cultivate her artistic talents as an extra source of income brings her great pride and she is extremely happy turning her hobby into one of her professions.
She customises cakes for every occasion and by giving attention to minute details she ensures that her cakes are a lifetime memory. She also mentions that crafting out of the box ideas makes her cakes unique and as she bakes her cakes from scratch using quality products without using any premixes the final product is always delicious.
Dr Pooja started as a one-man army but with an increasing workload over 5 years was the reason they are a team of 4. In future, she wishes to learn more and share her knowledge with people of similar interests and also wishes to empower them to work in their pyjamas to earn a living and always value the artist within them.

Anurag Arora

Brand Owner: Anurag Arora
Instagram Handle: @anuragarorra

About the Brand:

Anurag Arora has been cooking since he was seven years old, but it wasn’t until May 2019 that he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a chef. On his balcony, he launched his first pop-up, and the response was overwhelming.
Anurag defines his cuisine as a mix of experimental and sophisticated techniques. Most of his cooking is motivated by pure curiosity, and it is frequently an obsession for him. He also adds that travel influences his culinary style.
Anurag has never been a fan of pizzas, but his trip to Naples taught him to appreciate the art of making them. This fueled his desire to better his talents by mastering not only his dough-making processes but also the art of making Buffalo Mozzarella.
He also emphasises the need for authenticity and respect for diverse cultures, which helps define his final dish.
Anurag, who works as a full-time designer, wants to follow his passion for cooking and build his farm-to-table concept in the future, where he can help create new memories and happy experiences through his meals.

Dr. De-Lucious

Brand Owner: Dr. Neha Sharma
Instagram Handle: @dr.de_lucious

About the Brand:
Dr. De-Lucious was started by Dr. Neha Sharma in September 2020. Dr Neha is a dentist by profession but always had a knack for baking.
It was at the age of 12 years when Dr. Neha took to baking. She also mentions that due to the outbreak of the pandemic, visiting her patients was made very difficult due to the risks involved. It was the lockdown that encouraged Dr.Neha to re-live her hobby which she otherwise was unable to do due to her busy work schedule at her clinic.
Dr. Neha also mentions that it was due to the encouragements of her friends, that led to the beginning of this brand.

Bake Me Up:

Brand Owner: Shweta Lodha
Instagram Handle: @bakemeup

About the Brand:
Bake Me Up started in 2019 by Shweta Lodha. Fueled by the desire to indulge her kid’s hunger while nourishing their souls, she started baking healthy desserts for the home only to realize that she was sending parcels every day to friends and family.
It was her passion that turned it into a business. Shweta is a keen believer in Healthy and Guilt-Free eating.

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