Refunds & Cancellation


  1. Workshops are carried out by the respective organizer.
  2. Location, time, the scope of services, and conditions of participation result from the respective event description.
  3. All descriptions of workshops listed on the platform are based on the information provided by the organizers. On the part of the organizer, it may be necessary to change the scope of services, time, or place of the workshop slightly. As soon as changes become known, Book A Workshop will immediately include them in the event description.
  4. The photographs and videos used, which are listed in connection with the respective service description, only serve to illustrate the respective workshop.
  5. Book A Workshop does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of the data presented online. In particular, the performance description of a workshop on the platform is not a guarantee in the legal sense.


  1. Tickets are only sent electronically.
  2. Tickets entitle the customer to the respective workshop organizer to participate in a workshop at the booked time or period with the services specified in the event description.
  3. The tickets are generally not personal and freely transferable.
  4. Tickets must be brought to the event and presented to the organizer.
  5. If a ticket is lost, for example, due to theft, the customer can receive a new ticket, provided he immediately informs Book A Workshop of the loss.

​Cancellation and Refund

  1. Due to the cancellation and postponement of events by the organizer for important reasons, the customer is entitled to an alternative date. Any claims exist only against the organizer and must be communicated with this. If no agreement can be agreed on a replacement date for understandable reasons, the participation fee already paid for the event will be reimbursed to the customer.
  2. A return of the tickets against reimbursement of the ticket price is otherwise excluded. An exchange of a ticket is also fundamentally excluded.
  3. If the customer misses an appointment, the purchase price will not be reimbursed.