Common Myths About Phone Food Photography.

February 14, 2022

With the digital era ushering in a more significant requirement for visual content, the photography industry has become a competitive and thriving industry. It’s a fascinating and resourceful relationship that we have with our tiny pocket computers.

Our phones are the cameras that are always with us. The only thing that’s consistent in today’s age is the use of smartphones, no matter where you go. This convenient tiny device that you’re probably using now is what brings the world so close. The internet was a world-changing revolution, but the smartphone is what connects every person on this planet. Businesses have realized that mobile photography, through Instagram and various other platforms, provides a new channel for effective visual advertising.

Social media allows us to share our lives online 24/7, showing what we eat in a day is now custom before diving deep into the feast set before us. In this age, showing off food pictures is far more than just a mere act of posting. Social media acts as a conversational means to exhibit tastes, lifestyle, beliefs, and even to inspire and influence. It’s also a source of income for many food bloggers and influencers promoting a healthy lifestyle. For example, we all have witnessed and seen the vegan food movement expand over time.

With the help of our smartphones, one can become a food photographer with basic knowledge of composition, lighting, settings, etc. There are a lot of myths about phone food photography that you need to know and eradicate before starting your journey!

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Common Myths About Phone Food Photography

1. You Should Know Cook Well

Did you know you don’t have to be fond of cooking or even know how to cook to become a food photographer?

Your interest in food and photography is all that matters. If you have an eye for noticing the different textures, colors, lighting, and aesthetics, then nothing can stop you from becoming a food photographer. You can go to the closest confectionary shop and buy some candy or a cake to experiment with or to create your portfolio.

As a matter of fact, most of the food used in commercial photography is not even edible as they use inedible products to make food look delicious and over the top.

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2. You Must Have Fancy Camera Equipment

You do not need any fancy camera equipment to do phone food photography. The best camera accessible to you is the one you have in your pocket. These days with the advancement in technology, mobile phones perform like any other professional camera. A few mobile phones even provide the facility of RAW pictures. You don’t need any expensive and fancy equipment; you just need to learn as much as you can about food photography.

No matter which device you own, the most important thing is to know it at its best and to efficiently work with its manual settings. Knowing the right angles, lighting, and composition is what actually counts at the end.

Learn Phone food photography and styling on Book A Workshop to learn how you can work magic with the camera on the phone you’re holding. With the help of simple lighting and styling tips, you can get quality shots without breaking a sweat or, worse, breaking the bank by getting all the expensive professional photography equipment. 

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3. You Must Have A Studio

The photography studio that you’re looking for can be literally wherever you want it to be. Set up your makeshift studio where you have the simplest yet best natural light. A room entirely dedicated to photography needed by you to take your photographs isn’t required but would help you focus. Any place with an ample amount of light and space is suitable as a studio. A lot of food photography happens right on the kitchen counter too!

4. You Need Artificial Lights

For a good photograph, you need proper lighting and the appropriate settings of your camera. Adequate lighting does not mean artificial lights. Instead, ambient light looks more natural and better. There’s always an ideal window for shooting in every house. You don’t need extra artificial lights. The light seeping through your windows is way more than sufficient. To master clicking pictures in natural lighting with exceptional compositions and styling, check out our workshops.

5. You Must Use Paid Software To Edit My Photos

No, you don’t!  There are a lot of free mobile apps for photo enhancement. You can enhance your pictures like any other professional photographer on these apps. Like Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed, Vsco, Picsart, and Snapseed, the list goes on. These apps are also user-friendly and can be accessed anytime, anywhere on your phone. If you’re starting off as a phone food photographer, you can also use the wide range of Instagram filters before you post but keep in mind that they are not suitable all the time. Later, you can use different free apps and software to beautify your clicks. 

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6. There Is An Age Limit On Creativity

It really does not matter what your age is, whether you are a teenager or in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s!  If you have a passion for food photography, don’t hold back and pursue it. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you are letting age stand in the way of you pursuing food photography, you need to quit doing that right now. Food photography is a passion that can be pursued by anyone of any age, anywhere, and at any time. Stop letting your age hold you back from exploring something new.

These are some myths that need to be busted for you to explore your creativity using your phone and available resources. There are various factors that influence the quality and value of your images, such as their color, lighting, creativity, distinctiveness, background, charm, shooting time, and shooting location.

Bonus tips for enhancing your phone food photography:

  • Pay attention to your composition. Use different kinds and colors of backdrops, cutlery, or anything that adds to your composition and look.
  • Play with the shadows and contrast.
  • Feel free to experiment with different angles and positions to click your pictures.

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