DIY Perfumery Kits for Radisson Hotel.

September 6, 2022

Radisson Hotel was hosting a beautiful event for all A-list Wedding Event Managers from all over India. The hotel wanted to showcase the property and the possibilities at the property! They wanted to create an exciting event for the event managers, something that they could remember. They certainly did a fine job at it! The only thing that was missing is the perfect giveaway gift for them. Something that they could remember and take back home. That’s where we stepped in with our one of a kind, DIY Perfumery Kit.

The DIY Perfumery Kit has all the material needed to make upto 3 perfumes at home! It comes with a recorded workshop video which teaches you step by step how to create your own perfumes! For Radisson, we customised the kits with their names engraved on it and also customised the essential oils. They wanted the kit and its fragrances to smell like their hotel and we recreated it for them!

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