Everything You Need To Know About Craft Beer.

February 21, 2022

Heard a lot about “craft beers” but confused about what it actually is? Craft beers are generally the most consumed yet the most confusing types of beer. Craft Beer is a microbrew that is made in independent breweries in a small quantity. Their unique flavor and brewing technique usually promote these brews. In this blog, we would discuss what craft beer actually is, the types of craft beers, and the difference between craft beer and draught beer. 

Let’s get started. 

What is Craft Beer?

To understand craft beer, you have first to know what’s a microbrewery. A microbrewery is a small and independent brewery that produces beer in smaller quantities. Craft Beer is a beer that is brewed in a microbrewery in smaller quantities. Usually, these beers are one-off batches. Microbreweries get their appeal due to their distinct taste and brewing techniques. 

Types Of Craft Beer

Let us take a look at the types of craft beer in the world. There are many different types of beer that are enjoyed in different parts of the world. To understand how craft beers are made, you must first understand the different brews around the globe.

types of craft beer


Ale is something that has been enjoyed since the medieval age. Modern Ale typically has an alcohol percentage ranging between 5-15%. Ales are popular across the world and made in different styles. They are enjoyed in several unique ways. Ales are brewed through fermentation in a warm tank for short periods of time, where ale yeasts, fond of higher temperatures, begin producing carbonation and alcohol from the sugars at the top of the tank.

Brown Ale 

All varieties of Ale were dark brown because traditionally, barley was dried over wood flames, and the scorching made it dark brown in color. Lighter colored pale ale malts used coke coal rather than wood to roast barley. Modern-day brown ales are all about the caramel flavor, which is rich and nutty. They are created by adding a variety of darker specialty malts.

craft beer

Cream Ale 

The cream ale is a mild, pale, light-bodied ale made using a warm fermentation technique (top or bottom-fermenting yeast) and cold lagering. It is called an Ale despite its use of lager yeast. Cream Ale is most prevalent in certain parts of the US. 

Pale Ale 

Pale ales are brewed using pale barley malts, which is the cheapest variety of malts. This style of malts gives this beer its signature light golden coloring. Pale ale’s light color is caused due to the substitution of coke (a processed form of coal) used for roasting the barley, which produces a far less scorched version of barley and a paler beer than the traditional dark roasting wood kilns. They are very elegant and can be consumed in large quantities with ease. Pale ales go well with grilled and barbecued meats; on the other hand, British pale ale goes well with spicy Asian cuisine.

craft beer

Barrel-aged Beer

A wood or barrel-aged beer is any Ale or Lager made in the traditional style or a novel way that has been aged for a specific amount of time in a wooden barrel or in contact with wood. The beer is aged to acquire the unique character of the wood in the barrel. Beer may be aged in wooden barrels. Many wood types are used, including oak, apple, alder, hickory, and more. The barrels’ interior is mostly the same where it is charred or toasted to further enhance the flavor of the wood.

barrel-aged beer

American Wheat Beer 

American wheat beer is one of the most recognized beers in the craft beer world. This beer’s versatility allows it to be combined with different ingredients and enjoyed on its own with a wide range of food options. The wheat malt used to brew wheat beer lends a lighter, distinctive experience compared to beers brewed with barley. Wheat beer can be made using either lager yeast or ale and brewed with at least 30% malted wheat. These beers have a cloudy appearance when roused. The American wheat beer is known worldwide for its refreshing taste.

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German-Style Pilsner Beer 

The Pilsner has captured the attention of beer drinkers across the world since the beginning of modern history. German-Style Pilsner Beer is a lightly colored, balanced lager and remains one of the most preferred beers to enjoy. Pilsner is light in color and has a very short finish, and is one of the most challenging brews to create. Pilsner-style lagers have become the standard beer for many reasons in the world. A classic German-style pilsner is a straw to pale in color with a malty sweetness that can be perceived in aroma and flavor. Bitterness is medium to high in the Pilsner. Aroma and flavor are moderate and quite noticeable. 


Craft Beer Brands

A significant population across the world consumes craft beer. You must have come across a variety of famous craft beer brands in or around your vicinity. The most exciting thing about craft beer brands is that each brand has its unique signature style, making it easy to distinguish between these brands.

We have already discussed the different types of craft beer, so let us look at India’s various craft beer brands. 

Craft beer brands in India

Craft beers are prevalent among the youth in India. Here are a few craft beer brands in India that will give your taste buds a new enriching experience- 

People enjoying craft beer

Craft Beers Vs. Draught Beers

Craft beers has often been confused with draught beers. So now, let’s look at the difference between craft beer and draught beer. 

Craft beer is entirely different from draught or draft beer. Draught beer is a beer that’s “on tap,” as opposed to being canned or bottled. When you’re at a bar or a restaurant with a bar, take a look at the bar itself, and you’ll see labeled levers. These beers are draught beers. Draught is generally fresher than the bottled selection. 

beer tap

The main difference between craft and draught beer is that draft/draught beer is pasteurized and filtered, but craft beer is served without filtering and pasteurizing, with a little yeast in it.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Craft Beers

You must have heard many drawbacks of drinking beer, but here are some health benefits of drinking craft beers.

  • Improve Brain Function
  • Boost Bone Health and
  • Prevent Kidney Stones. 

Besides these benefits, craft beer contains many healthy compounds like silicon, potassium, antioxidants, and proteins. You can even find many gluten-free craft beers in the market, along with some low-carb craft beer used in the keto diets.

To Sum It All Up

There are many different ways to enjoy craft beer, each with a rich and unique tradition and taste. There are different types of beer out there. Hopefully, you are inspired to test out more new and exciting variants of beers. Feel free to use this guide and feel more confident when you are out for your own craft beer adventure. 

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Is Craft Beer Good For You?

Yes, there are a lot of listed health benefits of drinking craft beer. Craft beer is made of many healthy components like vitamin B complex, protein, and antioxidants.

Why Is Craft Beer Popular?

Craft beer is widely famous because of the wide possibilities of tastes and styles. People usually prefer trying something new. Craft beer gives people the experience of newness every time they choose to drink craft beer.

Is Craft Beer Gluten-free?

Usually, all the main ingredients of craft beer consist of gluten, but some brewers brew gluten-free craft beer.


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