Gifting – A Unique Experience.

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February 2, 2022

People believe that gifting is a significant way to show how much you care.  Gifting is a universally enjoyed experience to express our feelings with our gestures. It’s all about reflecting your thoughts and emotions to your loved ones or maybe reconnecting with your long-lost friend.

Gifting is a way to appreciate your unique relationship with the person receiving it. Even a small or insignificant gift holds value as the thought put behind gifting is what matters.

Giving gifts involves countless thoughts and efforts on our part. People might buy the most expensive gifts to show love and affection, while some might prefer to make something handmade by putting their time and affection into it. Out of all the options, gifting an experience stands out.

The art of giving and receiving is a form of appreciation that is shared between people. Everybody feels loved and delighted to receive unique and personally picked gifts just for them. No matter what age you are, we all react to gifts the same way. All kinds of relationships in our lives are incomplete without the experience of gifting. Gifting has become a huge part of our lives.

Imagine the festival of Christmas without the famous tradition of Secret Santa. Now, how odd would that be? It’s always fun to get creative and thoughtful while selecting or even making handmade gifts.

Why Is Gifting Universally Enjoyed?

To seize the moments that we can’t bring back, we gift each other on occasions and festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas or celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, or a housewarming party of your closed one or even without any reason just to tell the other person how you feel for them.

Gifts are a way of showing people how grateful you are to have them in your life. It brings a certain kind of warmth and joy amongst us. We feel connected and valued by exchanging gifts.

One thing that’s common no matter where you are in the beautiful act of gifting.

Gifting has become an integral and unavoidable part of our social lives. The act of giving as well as receiving gifts is unique and special. The act of choosing gifts to being the receiver really excites us.

Have you imagined what festivals and grand celebrations or events would look like without the unique gesture of gifting? Will your calendar, filled with festivals and celebrations, make any sense to you? It would lose all its charm and excitement! We all deserve to be reminded how important we are by our close and loved ones.

It communicates feelings that are not expressed verbally as no number of words in any language are enough for it. It’s a reflection of how we feel. Gifting has no limits; we humans can go to any extent to see our loved ones happy and to be the reason behind their smiles.

A gift is all you need to reignite the bond between you and your friends, family, lovers, or colleagues.


Finding It Difficult To Look For The Perfect Gift?

We’ve all been puzzled about what to give at some point in our lives. Gifting is subjective and personal, so it gets tough at times. Also, the wide range of gifting ideas does not make it any easier on us.

A gift is not asked for, and you don’t expect something back while gifting. It should be unexpected and a surprise for the other one. The process of gifting becomes tedious and challenging when you don’t know what to gift. It’s always a challenge to gift something to someone who is of a different age or gender. Your sentiments and how much you know and care for the person reflects in your gift. So, don’t gift just for the sake of gifting. Try making time for it and think about what is required by the receiver.

Make Your Gifting Process Simpler

Choosing the appropriate gifts for the people you love is an art. A perfect gift stands on two primary pillars –

1. It Fulfil The Receiver’s Needs And Wants

2. It Should Be Something Personal That Holds Meaning And Suits The Occasion.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion or reason to pop up to gift. You can gift without any particular reason; I believe such gifting experiences are the best!

To master the art of gifting, you should know the choices and needs of the person you’re gifting.

Gifting an experience

For example, if you want to gift a person who is into sports, membership of their favorite club seems perfect, or maybe if it’s a plant person, you can gift them the trendiest plants to elevate their home décor and collection. Generic gifts like flowers, chocolates, or candles serve little purpose.

If still, you’re unable to choose a personal gift, you can always go with the wide range of common gifts suitable for anyone of any age. You can give them an unforgettable experience. An experience through which they can learn something new and also have fun. It’s the perfect way to gift something useful yet not boring or basic.

The Unique Trend Of Gifting Experiences

The gesture of gifting an experience has lately been in trend. It’s a unique way to help your loved ones grow and learn something new or something that they have wanted to pursue for a long time.

Nothing beats a fun learning experience as a gift!

A person can gift DIY kits or even workshop sessions to others, adding to the value of the gift. Experience is a gift that stays with you for a lifetime. You can learn endless things and develop various skills with workshops. 

Gifting an experience is the exact opposite of gifting a material gift. It is like a customized bundle of fun learning that you give to the other person. Experiences come in various types like cookery classes, painting classes, calligraphy classes for art lovers, or even a rejuvenating spa experience.

The best part about gifting an experience is that it’s suitable for any occasion. It’s life-enhancing that’s enjoyable at the same time. What more? It is easily available and accessible.

Nowadays, experiences from all over the world can reach you no matter where you are. Learning and gaining experiences have no limits.

Gifting an experience

This trend is unique and adds a personal touch to your gifting idea.  It’s exciting, insightful, and different from the rest. The trend that has been gaining a lot of popularity lately which shows us that experience gifts hold more value than ordinary materialistic gifts.

Usually, experience gifts are executed in pairs or a group, which helps increase our social connection. Gifting an experience is the start of something new – a new hobby or a new educational interest. We might get bored by the repetitive gifts so gifting an experience is something out of the box that one can truly enjoy and relish to its fullest.

If you’re looking for an E-gift, gifting an experience through various online platforms is your go-to.

What’s better than receiving a memorable experience that you can cherish for life? For exclusive gifting, check out our Workshop In A Box filled with different experiences waiting to be shared.

We have the perfect pick when it comes to experiences! You can gift experiences accompanied with workshops on gardening, resin art, painting, wine tasting, and the list never ends.

We think gifting an experience is the best of all. Let us know in the comments what you feel!


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