Goodwill Project.

'Give a man a fish, you can feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!'

Lao Tsu

It is our mission to create learning opportunities for people from all walks of life and support them by helping them learn the right things from experts!

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This is a store made for rural artists to connect with art lovers like yourself and enable you to buy from them directly! We help connect the dots and curate the products on their behalf.
Let’s save our culture and indigenous art forms from getting lost! Learn the art form yourself and help keeping the legacy alive. These DIY art contain all the material needed to create that art along with the recorded video tutorial from the rural artist himself!
We aim to collaborate with NGOs and curate upskilling workshops for people from all walks of life along with experts. Start learning now!

NGOs We Work With.

Reach out to us, we would love to collaborate with you and help India grow