Google Suite – Schools need to start teaching this!.

February 2, 2022

We’re living in internet times-times where the Internet is not just a luxury but a necessity. This same tool plays a very vital role in education. It is no doubt that in these times of constant evolution and modernization, everyone is constantly on the Google suite of applications. 

What Is The Google Suite Of Applications?

The Google suite of apps is nothing but a collection of applications that make life easier. They serve purposes like business, productivity, collaboration, and education. The primary collection includes apps like Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides. Calendar etc. Now, the Google suite of apps is like a one-stop shop for all our needs, and it is way too useful and cool not to be used. 

Google offers a lot of these free tools and services to its users, and as a growing individual, you need those services that bring in mobility, scalability, and a lot of flexibility in your work, and this is the case where the Google apps come into the picture. This collection initiates the processes of streamlining technology and education to get the best results. The Google collection of applications is said to be a package of all intelligent and multi-functional by Google. Let us now read and know more about this set of applications and why it should be absolutely taught by schools!

The Guide To G-Suite!

Google has a variety of products to offer for various uses. Ranging from personal use to professional and educational use, Google apps are totally multi-purpose. Let’s do a quick knowledge tour of these applications and understand their utility. This collection is one of the best solutions in terms of messaging, collaborating, and enjoying learning hassle-free. 

1. Gmail

Released in 2004, Gmail or Google mail is a type of free email service by Google which currently has more than 1 billion users worldwide. This application lets you send and receive emails along with creating address books. Some of the prominent features of this application are the built-in chat systems, the conversation views, and the ability to spam filtering the emails. 

Google Suite Gmail

While we are talking about Gmail-what we need to keep in mind is the right sense of sending emails out. It is very important to make sure you’ve attached the right attachments, adding the apt subject line, and making sure the email is in a manner that is easily understandable. All of these tiny details have to be kept in mind and made a note of. All of these details, when taken care of, make a well-formatted and presentable email. Schools must absolutely teach the right usage of Gmail and all of its features to students to make sure sending good emails isn’t a task for them. 

2. Docs, Sheets, And Slides

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are very similar to the regular word, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint. For the longest time, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint have been dominating the industry. As one of the first-ever tools of its kind, it’s been used by people in schools, offices, and everywhere possible for almost all their lives. However, as technological advancements happen, more collaborative tools have made their way to the markets. These Google-based replacements provide greater efficiency, flexibility, and collaborative features. The features of these apps are unparalleled. 

Google Suite Gmail

In the corporate world and when you drop out of school, most places and working spaces use the google suite of apps. The major reason behind it is the collaborative feature. The collaborations help remote co-workers or colleagues edit documents simultaneously and work on projects together. 

It is very vital for schools to teach this so that when the students are made to use this in the college or corporate spaces, it isn’t much of a problem. 

3. Google Calendar

Launched in 2006, Google Calendar is the G-Suite online calendar. The main function of it is to help users manage schedules, fix appointments, and get all the meetings lined up. It is basically a step to smart scheduling. As a tool, Google Calendar has the ability to change and transform lives for the better. Multiple color codes can be created by each individual, which can mark events according to priority or different types. The constant need to remind someone for a meeting or any kind of perpetual follow-ups can be eliminated. We can also add one or more people onto events so that the calendars are blocked for that particular time slot, and one doesn’t end up having one or more meetings at the same time. Google Calendars is a savior!

The best part is that Google calendars tend to remind you half an hour prior to the scheduled times, so you don’t miss any event. 

Schools should honestly start using calendars. Imagine the amount of paper that will be saved by not printing the monthly planners and diaries. 

Google Suite

Google Drive

Statistically, Google Drive is one of the most often used tools from the collection. People come across it on a daily basis and it is practically one of the most accessible tools. Google drive is basically a cloud-based storage solutions tool that allows you to save files online and access them from anywhere around the globe through a smartphone. It is also called smart synchronization software. 

One of its best features is the ability to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and all of it. Up to 50 people can work together, and this is honestly such an effective solution. No more sending emails and documents back and forth. Once everything is put on the drive, it can be accessed by anyone. 

Schools and educational organizations can make great use of it to store all the documents in one place and are majorly accessible to all. 

All In All

These tools are not even half of what the Google suite of applications has to offer. In my opinion, the Google suite of applications is a revolutionary way where people of all ages can make the most out of it. By building educational infrastructure and the foundations of the organizations on the basis of these Google cloud applications, we will be able to empower the faculty and students to a whole new level. The present generation is pretty comfortable and tech-savvy in using Google products, just that it needs to be taught to them at the right age so when they step into the professional world, they are more likely to continue using these products and make lives easier for everyone around. You can also check Book A Workshop for more interests!