Harry Kosato: Founder of Sushi and More.

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February 3, 2022

Learning looks pretty dull when you have to read, right? Our podcast series at Book A Workshop, which you can listen to from any corner of the world, doing anything you please is the answer for quick on-the-go learning. In this podcast, listen to the Founder of Sushi and more (India’s first chain of Sushi outlets)- Harry Kosato.

Harry Kosato

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Today’s Podcast With Harry Kosato – 

Today we’re in conversation with Harry Kosato aka. Harry-san who’s a parallel entrepreneur, social psychologist, and sushi curator shares his story. LSE and Oxford-educated, he launched Virgin and Dyson in Japan as Head of Marketing, but he started out as a qualified international tax expert. Now he wears many hats and runs projects as diverse as Sushi and More (India’s first chain of sushi outlets) to Me For the World (a social impact project) in Oxford. Recently arranged bestsellers on Amazon No 1 lists for investor Jim Rogers with two of Japan’s top publishers. Lives in Mumbai and Singapore.

You will get to know about him as well as how he runs diverse projects. You will also learn a few things about the cloud kitchen business.

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