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What are the Home Cheffies Awards?

A home chef is defined as anyone who cooks or makes food products from their home and not in a commercial kitchen.
One of the most inspiring and wonderful human stories to emerge in the last one year are those of the home chefs. Undaunted by the hardships around them, home chefs have opened their kitchens to the world and have offered fabulous culinary experiences that have given great joy in these tough times. 

Many home chefs have started businesses which have led to their own financial independence and to the financial stability of their families.

Home Cheffies India Awards

Special Category

Home Cheffies India Awards

You gotta be the best at everything! Awarded to the brand with overall outstanding performance. This will be chosen from individual category winners.

Indian cuisine is what sets your brand apart? This title might be yours!

If you are a home chef excelling with bon vivant and gourmets, you have great chances of being the best international gourmet brand.

A brand that satisfies the desi sweet tooth cravings? Well, we can’t wait to award you with this!

Are you an International brand with your hands in baking and desserts? Brownie points just for you!

Looking after people’s health and their taste buds? Well, you angels have to be rewarded. This is your chance!
Food as finger-licking as the street food but keeping in mind the food standards – The best street food from the home award is for you!
Along with delicious food, are you also the masters at serving great condiments! We can’t wait for you to bag this title!

If your brand has a really strong social media game, we are looking for you too. Apply and try your luck

Your packaging is as delightful as the food you serve, and your customers can’t stop sharing pics. You have to apply here!

Special Category

Part of the Gen-Z gang but running a full-fledged home chef brand? This title awaits you!

In your golden age and have been still serving us delicious food. This award is for goldies like you!

Home Cheffies International Awards

NRIs, PIOs, people living abroad but with Indian passport are eligible to apply in this category
Our Panel - 2021
Our panel of judges consists of experts from the world of business, brand building and advertising and are people who fervently believe in the cause of home chefs.

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