Independence Day Art Bazaar at SOHO House Mumbai.

September 5, 2022

This Independence Weekend, SOHO House wanted to do something ‘out of the box’ for it’s members. We wanted to help people experience the freedom to express themselves, to connect with their roots and their culture! We wanted them to experience India like never before. We curated a concept called the Art Bazaar at SOHO House Mumbai, a 3 day workshop series which takes you on an India tour through it’s art forms. We sourced all the raw material from the local artists of that region and tried to support them in our own little way.

Cheriyal Mask Painting, Terracotta Plate Painting, Block Printing (Left to Right)

The first workshop that we hosted was a Block Printing workshop, inspired by the block printing art found in the Western regions on India. We ordered authentic hand-carved wooden blocks from Rajasthan and helped people understand patterns and create beautiful designs on t-shirts of their size.

The second day, we hosted a terracotta plate painting workshop. Taking inspiration from the blue pottery movement in Jaipur and part of Maharashtra, we created this experience. We sourced the terracotta plates from local artisans in Maharashtra and created amazing mood boards for people to refer to. Throughout the three days, we had all age groups stepping in and participating in this entire experience.

On the final day, we hosted a Cheriyal Mask painting workshop! Cheriyal Masks are ancient masks that are made in the Telangana region of India. They were used in street plays to depict ancient stories and now are also seen outside houses to wade off evil and decorative pieces. We sourced these masks from an artist who’s family has been making these masks for three generations. She resides in a small village, 200kms from Bangalore. The learners truly had a lot of fun painting the masks and creating their own art pieces with it!

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