Indian Gin- The Newest Trend In The Alcohol Industry!.

February 4, 2022

It hasn’t been long since the gin scene in India was almost non-existent. But thanks to some really cool brands and companies that came in and saved us! Indian gins have now been redefining the whole gin industry and creating a gin revolution.

What Exactly Is Gin?

Gin also called a very flavored vodka, is a kind of alcoholic beverage that is made up of different kinds of flavors through the process of distillation. Gin is said to be originating from a Dutch spirit called “genever,” which translates as “juniper.” You might be a very enthusiastic gin drinker, but do you have your facts right? Here are a few quick facts that you must know before we begin.

The world gave birth to Gin in around 1689, with juniper berries as the main ingredient in it. But what is interesting about Gin is, almost all juniper used in Gin is wild, and none of it is cultivated. Well, also the fact that juniper berries are not real berries. It is a highly evolved pinecone that just looks like a berry.

Indian Gin

Why Is Gin Taking Over?

If you still aren’t aware, Gin has been a bit of a thing at the minute. Its popularity seems to have no bounds, with so many new gin brands coming in every day. This popularity can be attributed to three significant factors – craft beer and spirits movement, versatility, and affordability.

Gin has been loved worldwide, and there is absolutely no doubt about it. Gin has been a lot of different things over the past few years. It started in Holland around the 17th century as an anti-inflammatory liquid and then moved to Dutch to be a drink that was more pleasant on the palate. Majorly, there are three reasons why Gin has become so popular, and we’re to unfold the explanations to you.

Indian Gin driving the revolution

Why Is Gin Big In India?

Various factors promote the production of premium Indian gins and hence its increasing requirement. The very first and primary advantage is that many of the ingredients that go into making or producing a good gin which includes the coriander seeds, cinnamon, and other spices – come from our country and are particularly aromatic. The production of these spices in native areas makes it really easy for the Gin producers. Besides that, the small craft gin makers have the advantage of selling these freshly made gins at low prices, compared to the international brands that have very high-end pricing ranges. India’s relationship with Gin is actually not very new. It has been there for a pretty long time.

It started with a lot of different things and soon became popular among a lot of educated and higher-status Indians, but it remained the preserve of the elite people. Even after Independence, Gin and Tonic- continued to have a colonial association and has often been called a Gymkhana Club drink, the very uncool tipple of uncles and aunties in the society. But now, in just the very recent years, India has witnessed the birth of a gin revolution, or ‘ginaissance,’ if you call it.

Anand Virmani, the co-founder of Nao Spirits, has the distinction of making the first two Indian craft gins — Greater Than, which is also India’s only London Dry gin, in 2017 Hapusa in 2018. He distinctly recalled that it was a major task for him and his partner to explain it to the Indian market as to how the gin industry works.

Gin is easily customizable and not intimidating,” very beautifully said.

Isn’t it super fascinating to see a drink that started off as a drink for medicinal purposes with its origins in India and around, travels its way around the world, and becomes such a mainstay for gin culture in every country around the whole globe?

Indian Gin

You can enjoy the drink straight up or on the rocks, shaken or stirred in a cocktail – there’s no one denying the fact that Gin is one of the fastest-growing spirits in the world. This beautiful juniper-infused spirit is one of the most important building blocks for cocktails. The drink du jour translates to drink of the day for both hipsters and educated drinkers. It is hard to go a day without hearing of Gin, the latest booze à la mode that is totally on trend. With gin tastings, distillery tours, and even tea bags made with Gin and tonic – it’s no wonder that Gin has become so popular.

But why such a boom? Well, other than the fact that Gin is, of course, delicious, here are our possible theories or probable reasons for the gin hype:

1. It Has Become Very Accessible

People in the earlier times faced a lot of legal issues in the past with setting up the gin distilleries, and ease on them have allowed a lot of new gin brands to come up and start producing in the right amounts.

2. It Is A Very Important Part Of The Cocktail Culture

Back in time, cocktails were regarded to be either only for the rich or the tipsy people. But thanks to modernization, it did change a lot. Cocktail menus started becoming the new normal at bars, restaurants, and everywhere worldwide. Gin has fit well into the culture and is one hundred percent a very affordable cocktail solution.

3. Its Versatility And Super Exciting

One of the best things about Gin as a cocktail is that it is highly versatile in nature and really quite exciting. Depending on the manner in which it is distilled and processed, it can take on many different strengths, tones, and tastes. Its flavor can also be transformed by adding various botanical infusions. Well, it is a part of pop culture too, so it has to be popular.

So, that’s the why’s and the how’s of Gin being very famous in the Indian alcohol industry!

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So make your own gins and enjoy them from the comfort of your home. Personalize the drink of your own choice and have a great time with your close ones!