Lessons We Can Learn From Netflix’s Squid Game.

February 14, 2022

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Korean culture never left us disappointed, and it created a massive wave of Hallyu from K-pop to K-dramas.

Today we’ve come up with yet another trendy topic around the popular Netflix k-Drama, The Squid Game. One of the most-watched shows on Netflix, trending on number 1, which caused a quick sensation on the platform. It is a South Korean survival drama series that has created a buzz on social media platforms in a very short period. It’s strange how a Korean language show has caused a stir all over the world. People across the globe are watching the show with subtitles and are thoroughly enjoying it. Of course, the dubbed versions are available too, but there’s a different thrill while watching a show with subtitles.

What Is The Squid Game?

It’s a dystopian television series that got its name from a Korean children’s game in which the attacking team tries to get through the middle of the squid shape drawn on the ground. The purpose is that one has to tap the squid’s head with their foot to win. In case the defending team pushes you out, you are eliminated. The series does not only have exhilarative scenes but is also filled with plenty of real-life lessons.

This concept is shown in the TV show where there are 456 players, each with different lifestyles, but each one is in debt of their own. In the show, the players have to play the squid game as described in the children’s book, but here there comes the twist. The winner gets a ₩45.6 billion prize, but if one loses, there’s a death penalty. The players are being guarded all the time with masked guards, and a frontman oversees the game. Surviving the physical and psychological twists and tricks of the game was the ultimate task of the players. This isn’t any ordinary game. It involves risk and profit at the same time.

The director and writer of the show, Hwang Dong-hyuk, developed the script in 2008 when he was in a terrible financial dilemma. He got this idea of writing something horrifying like this from his own early life struggles and the economic inequality in South Korea. He has seen real-life struggles and got out of them well, and that’s what inspires the public through his work.

People are fascinated by how the squid game challenges to maintain a balance between their morals and ethics and the desperation to win the prize money to clear their debts by facing the brutality of the world outside.

The storyline might sound simple and naïve. Still, it teaches us some lessons about life, money, patience, survival, deception, and death. Some scenes are just so relatable that they might reflect yourself and your choices.

Life Lessons You Can Learn From The Squid Game

1. Choice Of People Is Essential

Like in the game, there are teams, and the players are to be chosen from so many options available, and one wrong choice could cause a life. One wrong choice could cost the success of the entire team. The morale of the team could shatter if any mistake is made by a team member. A good team is formed by a good team leader who can assist and guide fellow members on the right path.

Even with a good strategy in mind, the team could fail if proper team support isn’t provided.

As individuals, we come across so many people with different mindsets and lifestyles, but one who stays loyal and connected without envy could be the right one.

The Choices We Make Today Determine Our Future.

People Squid Game

2. A Little Goes A Long Way

Savings should be made a discipline by an individual. As they say, ‘today’s savings could make you richer in the future. It may be money or insurance; adults should take responsibility for their expenditure and savings. Today you might have to sacrifice some wants, but the savings you’ve made today will pay off in your future. Savings is just like any other habit; you practice it, and it’ll become a permanent thing. Discipline and control are what matters the most here.

3. Good Start With A Strong Strategy In Mind Leads To Success

A good start is important but with a good strategy in mind. How we do what we do is as important as why we do. Having a solid strategy is a step closer to success.

For instance, there’s a person born in a wealthy family with all the amenities, and support and at an age when he is left with responsibilities cannot take it easy because he doesn’t have a solid plan or a sensed strategy of how to do things, he could fail. Hence strategy is important.

There are so many people coming from humble backgrounds but are doing wonders. That’s because they had a plan and a will to reach their goals.

Squid Game Maze

4. Strategies Could Be Temporary, and Goals Should Be Permanent

Life is always so unpredictable and can take you places where you never imagined to be. This doesn’t mean that you don’t belong where you stand or that the world is ending for you. If you think that things aren’t working out for you the way you imagined them to be, you need to think differently than before. There’s always an alternative way, and you have to be confident and trust your inner-self, and don’t doubt your worth. Trust the process.

5. Do Not Rush. Some Things Take Time

Life isn’t a race; it is more than winning or losing. Everyone has their own pace to reach their goals. After all, everyone does not have the same goals. Some things might come in handy, while some take time. Rushing into things will spoil the entire process. Patience, potential, and consistency will show results. Of course, efforts are needed.

6. There’s More To Life Than Money

Money is important, but it isn’t everything. With money comes power and fame, but even millionaires have problems in their lives, and they cannot resolve it with money. Money doesn’t buy time, happiness, relations, or even health. With the growing economy, all of us have a desperation to become wealthy so that we can afford all the things in life, but somewhere we all agree that money can’t buy feelings.

We are all mortal, and we need satisfaction in life. Money can give temporary satisfaction, but good health and relationships last forever. Cherish relationships and little joy in life. Share your thoughts and love, it might bring happiness to someone else, and you might ease some problems off your shoulders.

Squid Game Money

7. Kindness Is The Passport

Be someone’s sunshine when their skies are grey. Kindness is what each human is born with, but as we grow, kindness is underused. Jealousy, anger, violence often comes in the way, but politeness and kindness should overpower the negativity. We all have problems, big and small. If we are kind to people, it might lighten them up. Everyone has their battles to fight; sticking to our humanity is essential.

8. Today Is Enough

Be grateful for what you have today, the past cannot be changed, and the future is unsaid. Things we have today are what matters. With today in hand, you can groom yourself into a better future. Everyone wants to have a better lifestyle and amenities, but have you ever said thank you for all that you already have? Take a couple of seconds to do that immediately.

Squid Game

To all the readers who’ve made it here, we at Book A Workshop want you all to smile a little more, learn a little more, and live a little more. It’s life, and things happen; the choice is all yours to make, and we believe you’re strong and amazing people filled with so much potential. Just don’t forget to live your life a little extra.