Cloud kitchens are booming! They are the most rapidly growing platforms in the hospitality sector, and if you want to know more about them, this is the ideal workshop for you. 

You will get to learn about what cloud kitchens are, how you can start one, the cost of setting it up, and the risk mitigation that comes along with it.

About The Expert:

Harry-san is a parallel entrepreneur, social psychologist, and sushi curator. LSE and Oxford-educated, he launched Virgin and Dyson in Japan as Head of Marketing, but he started as a qualified international tax expert. Now he wears many hats and runs projects as diverse as Sushi and More (India’s first chain of sushi outlets) to “Me For the World” a social impact project in Oxford. He lives in Mumbai and Singapore, holds a Guinness Book of World Record, is awarded a Good Design Award, and is still studying at the SBS Swiss Business School in Zurich for a doctorate. He is a founding member of the Straits Clan Club and Soho House Singapore. He is also a member of the Oxford and Cambridge Club and the International House of Japan. Simple food, books, and yoga are things he loves. 




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