Marketing Strategies for Cloud Kitchen Business Owners.

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February 8, 2022

The term digital marketing may not be new anymore, but it is constantly developing and continues to evolve. While everyone knows how important it is, without blending the latest trends and strategies in digital marketing, businesses may not reap their greatest rewards. Cloud kitchen and other food businesses like them rely heavily on digital advertising to build their brands. Without a physical storefront, a large portion of the transaction count is derived from online promotion rather than foot traffic. As part of this post, we will discuss seven ways that a cloud kitchen can leverage social media to increase its marketing efficiency.

Strategy 1 – Register On Google My Business

Increase your restaurant visibility within your vicinity by registering to Google My Business. In this way, if users search for “Apple pie near me,” the search engine will automatically pick your store based on your registered GPS location. SEO can significantly impact your online traffic through a pinned address. Your online store will receive orders via Google search, maps, or assistant.

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Strategy 2 – Create an SEO Friendly Website

Well, it’s easier said than done. Let me tell you how you can create an SEO Friendly website-

A. Rack Up All The SEO Elements

Your food ordering website should have important SEO elements in places such as a title, a meta description, a sitemap, 301 redirects, image alt tags, and duplicate content control to rank in search engines.

B. Include Important Keywords

Incorporate relevant keywords into the content of your website, such as “online restaurants in [location],” “order food online,” “food delivery in [location],” “cloud kitchen business,” and “delivery-only restaurant.” This will help you increase visibility on search engines.

C. Start a Blog

If possible, you could start a blog on the relevant subject matter. Like you could write about exotic cuisines, recipes talk about healthy diets, among many more ideas. And the bonus is you could attract more traffic to your website by targeting niche topics and keywords. But you must never forget to include proper CTAs that will drive users to your landing page and speed up the sales cycle.

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Strategy – 3 Hype up The Social Media Game

Social Media platforms can add stars to your dreams of building a big brand image for your cloud kitchen. Here’s how you can ace the social media game:

A. Get Social on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest

If you want to reach out to your potential customers faster, you must get active on social media. An active Facebook wall, Instagram feed, or Pinterest board will set you up with a fully furnished image in the minds of your customers. Make sure you create new and exciting content for your existing audience so that the fresh audience doesn’t find it tough to find you through recommendations.

B. Include Visual Elements

Spice it up with some tempting images of your dishes on social media. You can also post behind-the-scenes videos to showcase the kitchen camaraderie. Bring on some user-generated content, repost them and hold Q/A sessions with the customers regularly on a monthly basis to engage your followers. This way, you can increase organic traffic to your website and develop a loyal, caring audience.

C. Rope in Some Influencers

Think about partnering up with food bloggers and influencers who can review and promote your food. Make sure your home pages contain a link to your food ordering page for potential customers to easily access the page and place orders.

Strategy 4 – Ramp up Your Video Marketing Strategy

People no longer produce business explaining videos. Now it is time to develop creative stories with mixed emotions and imagination to explain your business. Some video marketing strategies you could use :

A. You can post homemade recipes, GIFs, tips & ideas to keep your viewers engaged. An appealing style guide is necessary here. So, focus on blending design & quality content.

B. You can host live sessions in collaboration with an influencer or simple, fun interaction on weekends.

C. People care a lot about Covid-19 guidelines nowadays. So you could render an explainer on the steps you take to ensure safe online food deliveries.

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Strategy 5 – Develop An Emails & SMS Marketing Strategy

Never underestimate the power of good old-fashioned emails and SMS. If you want to develop an effective communication channel besides social media, Emails and SMS could just be the way to go. Here’s how you can stir up customer engagement using Emails and SMS:

A. Personalised Messages

When you call somebody by their names, it immediately makes them feel validated. They like it. You can utilize this simple human psychology while sending emails and SMS. If you send an SMS & email containing their name like “Hi Brody, Hi Nancy, etc.,” you’re 48 % more likely to hear back from them.

B. Automation Tools

Automation tools have diversified marketing for cloud kitchen businesses in the digital era. You can make the user experience more personalized by capturing customer data using marketing automation tools and personalized marketing tools, such as cloud kitchen CRM.

C. Birthday Wishes

Wish your customers a very Happy Birthday with their first names through SMS. Using AI-enabled automation tools, you can schedule birthdays 5-6 days in advance. This will boost engagement as such messages on a personal level could drive brand advocacy to another level.

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Strategy 6 – Offers And Trials

Like the brick-and-mortar business, garnering reviews help you establish a stable revenue source. Since customers can’t visit and experience the food items in-store, they rely on online reviews and recommendations from families and friends.

And this is where offers, promotions, free trials, and contests come in handy. Using email marketing and social media, you can pitch such tactics to your customer database. This way, you establish an involuntary referral marketing for cloud kitchen at no extra cost. 

Strategy 7 – Focus On Good Food Packaging

Packaging is one of the most ignored marketing strategies for any type of cloud kitchen business. Do you know what top cloud kitchen brands have in common? Stellar Packaging. Something that stands out amongst the rest. It improves the customer’s online shopping experience when the packaging is done correctly.

You might want to use recyclable, sturdy, and microwave-safe boxes for the customers so they can reuse them multiple times. Taking the right packaging measures will elevate the customer’s experience and go a long way in helping you to build a better brand image.

Marketing for cloud kitchen depends largely on your online presence and content distribution methods. It’s more than delivering food on time. Using these 7 marketing strategies for your cloud kitchen, you can create a long-lasting, sustainable online business.

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