Prabhat Sinha: Founder, Mann Deshi Champions

by Yash A Khatri

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In Today’s Podcast –

PRABHAT SINHA Founder of Mann Deshi Champions Prabhat, born in a farming family in the rural Indian village Mhaswad talks about his journey. He worked in the US with sports brands and athletes from NBA to Track & Field. Het left the Industry to make Indian villages future sports hubs of India. Currently, he runs Mann Deshi Champions which aims to empower young girls with the power of sports and he is working with Mann Deshi Foundation for water conservation and agricultural practices. Mann Deshi has developed 8000+ athletes in India. 3 athletes are playing at the International level including Junior Olympics in Argentina 2018. 150 athletes are representing on the national level.

He has built an entrepreneurship/ career development academy for 1000 rural Indian girls. He has also spearheaded a water conservation program as a result built 16 water reservoirs in rural India. He is a visiting guest speaker at Georgetown University, Trinity College, NYU, World Bank, BBC World, and TEDx. He was one of the representatives of Mann Deshi at the World Economic Forum Davos 2018. He has been successful to forge cross-sectoral partnerships amongst businesses, government, voluntary organizations, community groups, and social enterprises for sustainable development in the sector of sports, water, and agriculture.

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