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Biryani In A Box.

Biryani Making kit helps you make upto 1kg of biryani in an authentic earthen pot. Th video teaches you recipes of how to make biryani at home



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About The Box

Biryani Making is an art that not only satisfies the hungry stomach but is certainly a feast to the eyes! Learn this beautiful cuisine in this simple to make Biryani Kit that has everything you need to make 1kg veg/non-veg biryani at home! The earthen pot adds an amazing "Dum" to the biryani and makes it even more delicious. The biryani cooking pot can be reused as many times as you want! The video tutorial teaches you how to make biryani at home with veg and non-veg ingredients! The kit has everything you need except for fresh ingredients to get you started on this journey. We have simplified the entire process so if you are a first timer who has never made a biryani before, this kit is for you. If you know how to make biryani and are looking for the right ingredients, this kit is for you! This biryani making kit makes all the more special because you have poured your love into making it! Get your kit today and make a feast at home in less than 30 mins!
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What's In The Box?

250 gms Basmati Biryani Rice

Birista (Fried Onions)

Khada Masala

Biryani Masala

Earthen Biryani Pot (for 1kg biryani)

Video Tutorial for recipes

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