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Coffee Siphon Kit.

Channel your inner science geek with this elegant siphon from Hario! The vacuum method is more than 150 years old and produces very clean flavors, with no sediment and a light body. A siphon coffee maker is a full immersion brew system.


The first chamber of the system uses a direct heat source to create a vacuum (siphon) in one chamber by forcing water upwards and into the other chamber. The hot water steeps the coffee grounds, and the brew then drains back down into the bottom chamber, giving you the perfect cup of coffee. Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee? That’s exactly what this kit will bring to you!    Get one for yourself or gift one to a coffee lover!  
  • The best in class Hario coffee siphon, made in Japan 
  • Manual Coffee Grinder 
  • 150gms of best in class Arabica coffee beans
  • Measuring spoon 
  • A video tutorial of using the kit and making your own cup of coffee with it
  The kit does not include the flaming liquid and will have to be bought separately.   
Your order will be shipped in 5 to 7 working days. Don’t worry, most time your order dispatched and delivered much sooner then we promised.

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