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DIY Bath Bomb Kit.

Make your own bath bombs at home with this DIY kit. The video teaches you how to make it step by step. Make 4 bath bombs with this kit!



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About The Box

These easy-to-make DIY Bath Bombs make bath time not only fun but also very relaxing! You can make up to 4 bath bombs with this kit. Kids love this kit because they can see the fizzies everywhere and the beautiful color spreading everywhere.  The ingredients are completely organic and good for the skin. The video tutorial teaches you easy recipes to make your own bath bombs at home! So mix these up in your bath bomb kit and unwind yourself! Made with Epsom salt, which is broadly used as bath salt due to its vast range of benefits like relaxing, relieving muscle pain, alleviating stress, and many more. You can add various types of food coloring to it and create magical colors for your bathtubs. Don't have a bathtub? No problem at all! The bath bombs work equally well in a bucket. This kit has everything you need to make your own bath bombs at home! Even 6-year-olds can make these themselves and enjoy bath time! This also makes for a great gifting activity. You can create these amazing bath bombs and also gift it to your loved ones! Makes two Bath Bombs
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Unboxing Your Kit

What's In The Box?

100 gm Sodium Bicarbonate

50 gm Citric acid

25 gm Cornflour

1 tbps essential oil

10 gm Food coloring

Dried Flowers

Bath Bomb Mould

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Great Quality

This is a must try!! I absolutely loved the packaging of this kit. It comes with all the needed materials needed to make a bath bomb.


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