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DIY Bling Pen Kit.

Get this amazing kit and start making your own bling pens at home! The video workshop teaches you how to bedazzle from scratch. Get yours now



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The DIY Bling Pen Kit is a beautiful kit that helps you make these shiny pens at home. You can use them regularly without fretting about the rhinestones coming out. It is also a great meditative kit and helps build your patience. You can either fill it up completely with rhinestones as shown in the tutorial or create various designs on it. You can make flowers, or uneven lives, waves, etc. Explore your creativity with this DIY Bling Pen Kit and get started on your journey of bedazzling! You can get this kit for yourself or gift it to someone who would absolutely love it! Even kids above the age of 7 will have a lot of fun styling their pens. The glue that you get in this kit is an industrial guy, hence it dries very fast and it is water proof. So even you wash you pen, the rhinestones won't you come off! These are also great kits for corporate workshops or for return gifts for birthdays. Contact us to know more about how you can turn these into brilliant gifts!
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