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DIY Block Printing Kit.

Block Printing is a beautiful art form from Rajasthan. Learn how to create your own designs on various fabrics using wooden blocks. Video available



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About The Box

Block printing is a beautiful art form of Rajasthan that uses wooden blocks to create repetitive uniform designs on fabric. Learn this beautiful ancient art form and start creating your own patterns on t-shirts! Rajasthan is well known for the art of block printing which is hugely practiced there even to date. The process of doing block printing flourished since the 12th century when the art received royal patronage from the kings of the era. Block Printing is done on cotton fabrics. Rajasthan is an important center in India where block printing has gained good prominence and the designs of block printing that originated in Rajasthan are considered the most popular and best of all other designs. Learn this ancient form through the tutorial video in this kit. This kit has everything you need to get started on your block printing journey! You can create various designs on t-shirts, pillows, sarees, scarves, and much more! Get creative with the patterns and create amazing designs. You can always keep your creation or gift it to a loved one! This activity is age and beginner friendly! You don't need to be an artist to know this art form, that's the true beauty of it. Get yours today!
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