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DIY Butterfly Sponge Painting Kit.

Sponge Painting is one of the best activities for toddlers. It teaches them creativity, helps them develop finer and gross motor skills and much more!



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Sponge painting is a one the coolest activities for toddlers! It helps them explore their creativity while developing finer motor and gross motor skills. The kit comes with a video that help them understand the process step-by-step and create beautiful butterflies. These artworks are a great remembrance when they grow up as well! You can create greeting cards or frame them. These are great gifts as well! You can give these away as gifts for toddlers or as party favours. They all work really well. These kits are also travel-friendly. These kits are also travel-friendly, they are one of the coolest activities for toddlers because they get to see their artwork come to life almost immediately! You can carry them in your carry-on luggage and the little one entertained in-flight or in-train journeys. These are also great at keeping them busy at the hotels or resorts as well!
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