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DIY Cheriyal Mask Painting Kit.

Create your own beautiful Cheriyal Masks and get acquainted with the ancient art form of storytelling through masks. Get yours today!



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About The Box

Cherial (or Cheriyal) is about a 100kms away from Hyderabad in the state of Telangana. This area is known for its master craftsmen who prepare bright and colourful scrolls and masks. The masks are not as well known as the Cherial scroll paintings. They are just miniature versions of what might have been life-sized in the times of oral narrative traditions. The storytellers wandered from village to village narrating episodes from folk culture, religious texts or even daily life using these masks as props. The smaller versions were then sold as memorabilia and toys for children. Now, these masks are used as objects of decoration. How is the Cheriyal Mask Prepared?
  1. The first step in creating the masks is to prepare the shape of the face (oval) with the help of clay.
  2. Sawdust is the basic ingredient used to fortify the clay in the masks. Tamarind seed paste is then mixed with the sawdust.
  3. The sawdust and tamarind paste mixture once mixed is pliable, like a dough, and can be shaped as desired.
  4. A plain mould is created on top of the clay mould using a mixture of tamarind seed powder and sawdust paste. This is dried for three days.
  5. Once dried for three days, the mould is removed from the clay base and the same paste is used to create facial features on the mask
  6. Once the facial features are introduces, the mask is left to dry again for 3 days.
  7. Sand paper is then rubbed on the mask to make its surface smooth.
  8. Once smooth, a mixture of rice starch, white clay and tree lac is used to paste a fine cotton fabric on the surface of the mask
  9. The mixture of rice starch, white clay and tree lac is applied evenly on the fabric surface. This prepares the masks for colour application.
  10. Once the fabric layer is dry, a single-coloured base is added. Features and other details are painted on this single base colour.
This kit helps you paint on the beautiful ancient art and create wall pieces for your home! Get your DIY Cheriyal Mask Kit today!
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