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DIY Clay Sculpting Kit.



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About The Box

With this DIY Clay sculpting kit you can create sculptures, home decor pieces, jewellery, or whatever your mind fancies! We provide you with all the material that you need to start off with clay sculpting and modelling. The shadu mati clay in this kit is sourced from the banks of the rivers in Gujarat. It is completely water soluble, eco-friendly, and sustainable. You can reuse the clay if your final piece does not come out like you wanted it. Just add water so that the clay becomes moldable again! We also give you access to a video workshop for you to follow along and create your own pieces. This kit can be used for multiple purposes as well
  • Gifting (corporate, party favours, return gifts, etc)
  • Live workshops (buy the kits from us if you want to conduct your own workshop for clay sculpting)
  • Personal use (learn and experiment with clay sculpting and modelling using our kit and video workshop)
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