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DIY Coffee Siphon Kit.

The Coffee Maker Siphon Kit helps you make various brews and blends of coffee at home. The video teaches you how to use the coffee siphon



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About The Box

The coffee maker siphon kit uses a piece of very special equipment that is the coffee siphon to help you make everything from your everyday coffee to create unique infused blends! How does the coffee maker siphon work? The coffee maker siphon is divided into two chambers. The first chamber of the system (which is the lower chamber) uses a direct heat source to create a vacuum (siphon) in one chamber by forcing water upwards and into the other chamber. The hot water steeps the coffee grounds, and the brew then drains back down into the bottom chamber, giving you the perfect cup of coffee. Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee? That’s exactly what this kit will bring to you! You can use the coffee maker siphon to create your unique blends as well. Along with adding the desired coffee powder, you can spruce up you coffee with some cinnamon, nutmeg, spices, etc. depending on the kind of blends you would like to try. You can even add some edible flowers, chocolate powder and more to create your own unique coffee blend. Use the coffee maker siphon not only to make amazing coffee blends but also to impress you guests with a little 'science equipment' look to the apparatus! Standing in front of the coffee maker siphon, does transport you back to science labs and cool experiments. The coffee maker siphon comes with a sturdy and good-looking manual coffee grinder that helps you grind the coffee beans at home and use them to make your perfect cup of coffee instead of using pre-ground coffee. This will create a stronger finish on your tastebuds and add to the aha-moment for the day! Get one for yourself or gift one to a coffee lover! The coffee maker siphon kits are great for gifting and are one of our top selects when it comes to premium gifting options!
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The best in class Hario coffee maker siphon, made in Japan

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