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DIY Confetti Kite Making.

Learn kite making and create beautiful kites with confetti. This kit is made for kids to make their own kites at home. The video helps them make it!



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About The Box

Learn how to make confetti kites at home with this kite! The kit comes with a video tutorial that helps you learn kite making. This kit is a super hit as a kid's activity. Kids can easily watch the video and make these kites themselves. They can hang them or fly them! Kite making for kids was never easier. This kite making activity also makes for a great return gift or a play date activity! It also makes for a great gift for a 4 year old and up. Get your kit today! The video has a lot of kite making ideas that the kids can use to make their own kites at home. These kits are super pocket friendly and have everything you need to make your own kites at home. This kit helps kids develop an independent attitude towards play and also hone their finer and gross motor skills. Get your kits customised for a party or play date today! Get in touch with our gifting consultant and get the best deal today.
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What's In The Box?

Kite body cutouts (2)

Kite tail cut out (2)

Thread roll



4 Wooden sticks


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