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Crochet Dreamcatcher Kit.

Learn how to make a crochet dream catcher with our kit. All the material will be provided and delivered to you. Learn how to make it with our video



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About The Box

What is a dream catcher? A dream catcher is a beautiful handmade willow or metal hoop on which a net or web is woven, and feathers/ tassels are attached to it. It is said that a dream catcher, once placed on the top of the bed, catches bad dreams and omens. It originates in the Native American practices and dates back thousands of years! The kit comes with a tutorial video that helps you understand how to make a dream catcher from scratch and also teaches you various styles of making the dream catcher. The video will also teach you how to add the pre-made crochet piece in the center to make your dream catcher come to life. Learn this quick skill and create your own designer dream catchers at home. These also make for great gifts for friends and family :) You can create the big dream catcher with the big ring and hang it on your window. The gentle breeze will make your dream catcher sway and add a beautiful touch to your room. You can use the smaller ring to create keychains, pendants, and more! This DIY dream catcher kit is completely beginner friendly and encourages all age groups to learn something new, fun and exciting!
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What's In The Box?

1 Metal Ring


Wooden beads


Crochet mandala

Jute String

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