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DIY Date Night Art Kit.



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This date night art kit is the perfect way for couples to bond, spend quality time together and create 3 artworks. You can do them all in one night or space them out and make them a weekly activity. You can choose from 3 art techniques -
  • Painting Swap - You and your partner or friend will each start with a blank canvas. You have 5 or 10 minutes (depending on how you want to do it!) to start painting and then you have to swap canvases. Keep doing this until you’ve completed both paintings!
  • Fluid Art - Also known as acrylic pouring, fluid painting is a type of abstract art that involves pouring layers of thin, liquidy acrylic paint onto a canvas. Because of that fluid consistency, the paint moves and spreads feely, creating interesting organic shapes.
  • Texture painting - Make your own texture paste using cement and glue, spread it on the canvas and create interesting patterns with the palette knives. Add colour to give your artwork some depth.
  • Use your imagination - Utilise the material in the kit to create whatever you fancy!
This kit comes with all the required material for you and your partner to create different artworks. We also provide you with a simple instructional video so that you can follow along.
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