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DIY French Press Kit.

The French Press Kit helps you make cafe style coffee at home. The kit has a video tutorial that teaches you to use the french press in 6 ways!



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About The Box

French press coffee maker brews a cup of coffee that is intensely flavored and richly textured. This kit is every coffee lover's first love. It comes with everything you need to get started on your coffee exploration journey. French Press is popular because it does not require any special equipment, such as a long neck kettle, paper filters, or electricity to brew with. Hot water, coffee, and a French Press are the only ingredients needed to make French Press coffee. French press also acts as a great tool to make things like cocktails, infused waters, teas, etc. French press method of brewing is quick and consistent, and unlike a drip machine, a French press does not take up counter space or necessitate a perfect pouring technique. Furthermore, French presses do not allow coffee to sit on a warming plate after brewing, which prevents coffee from continuing to “cook” and becoming bitter. Despite its elegant looks, this press is simple to use and relatively easy to clean. The French press extracts more oils and sediment from the coffee than any other method of brewing, which contributes to its rich taste and creamy mouthfeel. In addition to being relatively inexpensive and having a small footprint, the French press is also quite portable. It can also be used to brew loose leaf tea or cold brew. This DIY French press kit is a multipurpose savior. Right from making the perfect hot and cold brews, to the milk frothing techniques, making your own detox water, and creating your own infused liquids. This box is a perfect go-to when you want to gift something memorable. You get all the material in this pretty-looking box, so we assure you of a hassle-free experience. This french press kit is a great gifting option as well! Whether it be a coffee lover's birthday or a Diwali or housewarming gift, this kit helps create a great impression on it's receiver! So make your gifting experiences better with this DIY kit!
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French press

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amazing Coffee Kit!!

This is an absolutely beautiful and durable high-quality product.

Swati Chawla
Perfect French Press Kit!!

I was not sure about purchasing this french press coffee maker from a website that is totally new to me but I took the decision to try it. And I must say when I got the product it's worth every penny. The filter coffee I made for the first time was amazing. It was a wonderful experience.

Greattt French Press Kit!!!

Great french press for my first buy. It made coffee taste even better! Easy to use, just put coffee grounds in, then boil water, then press. Easy to clean, extra screen provided.

Highly recommended...

If you are a coffee lover, I would definitely recommend this product. This kit brews perfect coffee and the method of brewing is quick and consistent.

Bhawna Seth

If you're a first-timer into the world of not-instant coffee, this is the perfect first step. The build quality of this french press is absolutely fantastic and the thoughtful attention to detail is visible everywhere in the construction. Ultimately, Brewing your own coffee is an art and a great hobby. A big shout out to bookaworkshop for creating this beautiful product. Truly appreciated. Cheers!


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