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DIY Gin Siphon Infusion Kit.

This DIY Gin Infusion siphon kit comes with a gin siphon that helps you infuse the botanicals within minutes. The kit comes with a video as well



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About The Box

Gin has become the buzzword for a lot of Indians today who are wanting to experiment with their drink and consume something that's not only well thought of but also well-crafted, complex, flavourful and fun! Well, gin definitely fits the bill here. Indian gin industry is booming with various brands trying to use locally sourced ingredients to create the magical botanical blend for their gins. Here's your chance to step into the shoes of a gin maker and create your unique blend of gin using the botanicals provided. The best part? with the help of the siphon, you can make your own gin blend within minutes! How does the gin siphon process work? The siphon is divided into two chambers. The first chamber of the system (which is the lower chamber) uses a direct heat source to create a vacuum (siphon) in one chamber by forcing gin upwards and into the other chamber. The hot gin steeps the botanicals, and the infused gin then drains back down into the bottom chamber, giving you the perfect infused gin within minutes. Imagine doing this at a party where you can ask your guests to create their own blends within minutes and have a unique gin! You can definitely create a great wow moment for everyone. This kit is perfect for gin lovers. Make your gin a little spicier or add more zesty citrus notes to it, let your imagination go wild. There are endless possibilities, which makes it an excellent gifting option!
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What's In The Box?

The best in class Hario gin siphon, made in Japan

2 High-end tilt glasses, you can pour your drink till the brim, and it won’t spill

4 types of botanicals to infuse your gin with

A video tutorial on using the kit and making your own infused gin with it

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