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DIY Herb Garden Kit.

Get this herb garden kit and start growing your herbs in your kitchen. Learn how to grow them with our video tutorial. Use fresh herbs in your cooking



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About The Box

This Herb Garden Kit helps you grow your herbs in the kitchen or backyard. They grow your herbs kit comes with a video that helps you understand everything from sowing the seeds to watering them, harvesting them and more! It is a great kit that helps you grow thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley, etc at home so that you can use fresh herbs in your everyday cooking. It always better to eat fresh and enjoy the delicious taste of freshly harvested herbs and adding them to your food. It not only has brilliant taste but also enveloping aromas! This is great kit for beginners to create their own herb garden kitchen and use fresh herbs from what they have grown. There is an immense satisfaction in the "farm to fork" concept because you know exactly what is going in the food that you are eating! Start eating cleaner and greener with these grow yourself kits!
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4 Herb Seeds

4 Plotting Trays

Plotting Mix

Spray Bottle

Video Tutorial

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