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DIY Kiddie Soap Making Kit.

Looking for a fun and creative activity for your little ones? Look no further than our Kiddie Soap Making Kit! Our kit includes a Kiddie Soap mold in cute and adorable shapes, a Melting Mug, Soap base, Skewer, Mica powder, Essential oil, and a Video Workshop to guide you and your kids through the soap-making process.



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About The Box

Our kit is perfect for children of all ages and skill levels. The Kiddie Soap mold is specially designed to create soap shapes that are easy to hold and perfect for small hands. Our easy-to-follow Video Workshop will guide you and your little ones through the process of melting the soap base, mixing in the mica powders and essential oils, and pouring the mixture into the mold. The end result is a set of personalized and unique soaps that your kids will be proud to use and show off to their friends! Plus, our soap base is gentle and safe for kids, and does not contain any harsh chemicals or additives. Our Kiddie Soap Making Kit is a fun and educational activity that promotes creativity and imagination in children. Order one today and make soap-making a family bonding activity that your kids will cherish for years to come!
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