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Baking Starter Kit For Kids.

Get your kid started on a journey of baking. With this Baking Kit you can make: 20 churros, 3 mug cakes and 15 chocolate cookies! Video Available



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About The Box

“Life is what you bake it” This baking kit is specially designed for kids to be able to do it themselves and the end product turns out to be easy and tasty and completely safe to make! This entire kit is vegan and does not require any ovens. The mug cakes and cookies can be easily baked in a microwave whereas the churros just need to be fried. None of these recipes requires milk and are completely egg-less which makes it easier for kids to consume! The kit also comes with a recorded video tutorial that the mom and kid and watch together and learn the baking recipes. The baking kit includes: Mug Cake Baking: A fantastic party dessert pack of three delicious mug cake mixes. Make 3 irresistible microwave mug cakes from a box in just 30 seconds, perfectly topped with sprinkles and choco chips! With this mug cake baking activity, you can have a soft and fluffy mug cake straight from the microwave! The best part is that the amazing taste is ensured with the premix powder! So the kid can focus on mixing up the water, premix, and oil and make the most delicious mug cakes! Churro Making Activity: Then comes the easy-to-use and child-friendly Churros Activity. Make over 20 delicious churros at home and have a perfect baking date at home with your little kid. This baking recipe has been a trade secret for a long time but here we are getting you the best one! Use the premix to create the perfect churro batter with the kid. Fill it all up in a cone and press little churro bits over hot oil and voila! Your churros are ready. Get the little one to sprinkle some amazing cinnamon sugar over the churros and then create the chocolate sauce. You don't have to go looking anywhere! Everything will be given in the baking kit. Cookie Baking Activity: The last one is the DIY Cookie Activity! It is the perfect one where you find all the ingredients in one place to bake 15 delicious choco-chunk cookies. The best part is all the ingredients are eggless and the fresh batch can be easily made in a microwave. A super quick, 15-minute baking activity, where you and your little one can make fresh and delicious cookies and have a cute date! You might as well want to gift this kit to a cookie-lover!
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Unboxing Your Kit

What's In The Box?

Instant Choco Mug Cake Mix (2)

Vanilla Choco Chunk Mug Cake Mix

Spiced Cranberry Mug Cake Mix

Choco Chips



Stainless Steel Whisk

Piping bag

Churros premix

Cinnamon sugar dust

Chocolate sauce dip premix

Cookie batter premix


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