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DIY Mandala Art Kit.

Get this Mandala Art Kit and make 4 beautiful coasters with the help of the video tutorial. Learn the best mandala designs and get started!



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About The Box

Mandala Art Kit will help you relax, meditate and create 4 amazing dot mandala coasters all by yourself! This art form or art technique stems from the Buddhist movement and helps you create electric designs. Understand how to make the best mandala art designs with our tutorial video! Once you understand and learn the technique, you can start creating mandala art on any surface possible! Get your mandala coasters diy kit today and start exploring the world of serenity! This is a great activity for individual growth but is also a great hit with groups. You can get multiple kits or a party pack for the same and get material for a group! Start your mandala art journey today!
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Unboxing Your Kit

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What's In The Box?

4 MDF Coasters

Paint Brush

6 Acrylic Paints


Messy Mat

Tracing Paper

5 Dotting Tools


Learners Photos

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