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DIY Paper Lantern Making Kit.

Paper lantern making kit helps you make 4 lanterns at home! The video teaches you how to make lantern with paper. This activity is great for kids!



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About The Box

Paper lantern making is a fun activity and lets your creativity flow with this DIY kit. Learn how to make lantern with paper with the help of the tutorial video. These look amazing on walls, mirrors, bedside stands, etc. You can customize them for themes, birthdays, or just your regular house decor. This is an age-friendly kit and is super fun for all ages. Whether you are looking to spend time with your little one or an artist looking to add some cool elements to your creativity, this kit helps you create amazing designs! Ages 6+ years will love this activity and really cherish making these cute lanterns. A lot can be taught through this activity. The best part is that it comes with a video that you can watch and learn. Depending on the age group, assistance can be decided. These are great kits for play dates also since you can get 2-3 kits for about 6-8 kids. This kit will keep them busy for at least 25-30 mins! These kits are also extremely travel-friendly! Next time you are planning a vacation with your little one, just carry these kits and keep them busy. Start creating your paper lanterns today!
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Coloured card papers 

Butter paper sheets


Fairy light




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