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DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging Kit.

Create amazing Rainbow Wall Hangings at home with this DIY Kit. It has all the material to create this amazing art piece at home. Get now!



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About The Box

Here's a super cute kit that helps you make these amazing wall pieces at home! This DIY Kit has everything you need to create it. It also comes with a video workshop that teaches you step-by-step how to create them. The best part about this kit is that any age will enjoy this. You can either get this for yourself or gift it to someone who might like it! These are also great as return gifts for parties. It's not only a fun DIY Kit but also looks great as a show piece on the walls. You can also make these and gift it to your loved ones. Get your DIY Kit today!
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How Does It Work

Material Delivered

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Unboxing Your Kit

What's In The Box?

White Thick Rope

3 Coloured threads

Big Needle

Wire Frame

Video Workshop

Learners Photos

Here’s what our Learners created with the kit

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