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DIY Handmade Paper Making Kit.

This handmade paper kit helps you recycle used paper and create new paper from scratch. The video helps you learn. Create unlimited paper!



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About The Box

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Crafting is not just fun, it’s refreshing, empowering, and calming. We have carefully designed the Handmade Paper Making Kit to develop and enhance creative thinking, design aesthetics, and craft appreciation. The kit includes all materials, a step-by-step video tutorial, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create your own handmade paper at home using old newspapers and used papers. This DIY Handmade Paper making kit helps you turn used paper or newspapers into beautiful handmade paper using a deckle. There are endless varieties of textures you can create using petals, seeds, threads, and other materials! You can even create multi-colored papers using the techniques that we will teach you. This kit comes with a video tutorial that helps you learn how to create unlimited papers with this kit and recycle all your waste paper. The handmade papers that you have created can turn into beautiful greeting cards, hand-written letters, personalized visiting cards, etc. You can draw, write, paint and print on these papers that you have just created! The best part? You can create unlimited papers with this one kit!
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How Does It Work

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Unboxing Your Kit

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What's In The Box?

2 deckles, one plain one with a mesh

1 packet Thread

1 packet of Basil seeds

1 packet of Dried flower petals

1 sponge

1 cloth

12 poster colours

1 Paint Brush

Video Workshop

Learners Photos

Here’s what our Learners created with the kit

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