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DIY Seed Bomb Kit.

Seed Bombs are super fun and easy to make and help the environment in many different ways! Help the earth breathe again. Get yours today!



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About The Box

Seed Bombs are super fun and easy to make and help the environment in many different ways! In today's day and age. one of the most pressing issues that the world is facing is global warming. One of the biggest ways to curb it is through afforestation or planting trees! In our daily lives, we might not have the time to go and plant trees everyday but with this kit, you can do exactly that, everyday! On your way to work or the school, just throw those seed bombs in open land or barren patches and watch how in no time, the space starts becoming green! You can do this with barren dividers and open land parcels also. How do these seed bombs help?
  • They are made with a mix of soil and clay. The clay helps in protecting the seeds from birds and rodents. The soil gives it the right nutrition to grow anywhere!
  • Since they are packed with nutrients, they are bound to grown anywhere.
  • When they start growing, they help by bringing about afforestation and starting an ecosystem that otherwise wouldn't have existed.
The best time to do this is right before any rainy season because it ensures water supply but you can do this anytime in the year too! Just make sure that there's some water source around. Get your seed bomb kit today and do your part to save the environment!
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