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DIY Wine Making Kit.

Learn how to make your own wine at home with this diy wine making kit. It makes 1 litre of wine. The video teaches you everything from scratch



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About The Box

Learn how to create your own wine at home within seven days! It's the simplest and the most fun process. All you need is this DIY Kit and any kind of fruit juice. You can use freshly-squeezed juices of canned juices from Real or Tropicana. The best part about this kit is that you can make wine with any kind of fruit juice and not necessarily grape juice! Get this DIY Kit and start experimenting today! Turn your Sundays into experimenting days and create your own wine at home! You can create two batches of wine with this kit. Each Yeast Blend can make upto 1L of wine. We give you two in each kit so you can go ahead and create 2L of wine! Scan the QR code and learn how to do it step by step! The best part? It's one of the easiest processes! Just clean your bottle with the sanitiser. Put your wine yeast and juice in the bottle, seal it with the air lock and keep it for 7 days. Enjoy your own home made wine! Get your DIY Kit or gift it to someone who would love it.
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How Does It Work

Material Delivered

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Unboxing Your Kit

What's In The Box?

4L glass jar

Sanitising agent powder

2 Wine yeast blends

Air tight lock

Video Workshop

Learners Photos

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