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DIY Felt Succulent Craft Kit.

The Felt Succulent Craft Kit helps you make 20 types of felt succulents at home! The video tutorial teaches you 10 different types of designs at home



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About The Box

Felt Succulent Craft Kit helps you make various shapes and sizes of felt succulents on your own. The video teaches you various designs but you can always create your own unique designs! That's the beauty of this kit. Create your own little succulent garden with this felt succulent craft kit and keep it on your desk, as a centre piece for your table or just as a beautiful decoration piece around the house! This is also great for gifting. This kit is ideal for ages 10+ because it requires a certain amount of handiwork to complete the process. The felt paper is used to give it that natural look and feel. It is definitely a beginners kit and can be done by someone with absolutely no art and craft experience! Get your felt succulent craft kit today!
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What's In The Box?

10 Felt sheets

Double sided tape


Rubber Band

Sketch pen

Video Tutorial

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