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Microgreens Grow Kit (2 seed pack).


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Introducing the microgreens grow kit!! Easy to grow, quick to harvest, can be grown in less sunlight and in small space on your window sill as well. And growing microgreens simplified with these DIY kits. Choice of seeds: Chia, Radish, Spinach, Sunflower, Red amaranthus, Green amaranthus and Mustard. Additional seed packs and growing medium also available for a continuous supply of microgreens. Order a pack of good health not only for yourself but everyone you care for perfect gifting option today!
Everything available in the kit to grow microgreens:
  • Seeds
  • Grow tray
  • Growing medium
  • Spray bottle
  • Name tags
  • Step by step instructions to grow
  Microgreens are like home grown multi vitamin pills. They are super foods loaded with vitamins,minerals and antioxidants forty times more than their mature counterparts. When grown at home you ensure that they are organic,pest free and budget friendly. A great addition to your salads, sandwiches and smoothies. About the Curator: Sangita Porwal, the curator of the microgreens grow kit, is a perfect example of passion turning into a successful profession. She is a practicing landscape designer, indoor plant stylist, and promoter of environment-friendly gifting solutions. She promotes the green cause by way of conducting gardening workshops, covering various topics on bonsai, terrarium, kokedama, basic gardening, succulents, and growing microgreens. She runs her brand by the name of Sangita’s Green Gallery.
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