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DIY Tie Dye Spray Paint T-shirt Kit.

Tie dye your t-shirts within minutes with this DIY spray paint kit! The video will teach you 5 tie dye techniques. Create amazing designs for yourself!



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About The Box

Tie-Dye T-shirts have been the buzzword for quite some time now! From being a trend, it has turned into a definite fashion statement. Creating those brilliant designs using tie dye techniques is not only a fun activity but also an engaging one. Also, you get to flaunt what you have created! Now imagine all the goodness of the technique without having to wait to see the final product! That's exactly what the tie dye spray paint t-shirt kit offers you! Within minutes, you can create your own amazing tie dye t-shirts using spray paints. The video will teach you 5 amazing ways to create unique designs on your t-shirts using spray paints. You can also go your own way and invent a new method altogether. In the kit, we give you enough spray paint to paint at least 10 more t-shirts at home. Well, why wait at t-shirts, using the same technique, you can create amazing tote bags, curtains, pillow covers, napkins, scarves, and a lot more! Let your creativity run wild and create amazing designs with the tie dye t-shirt spray painting kit!
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